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       In  a  nutshell,  there  are  a  variety  of  touchpoints  and  absolute  experience  is  measured,  but  in  addition  to
       events, or as the Strativity Group explains it: “Follow the  this, the relative experience in the competition context
       Macro-to-Micro  journey  mapping  chain  that  links  from  must be considered, too! ◊
       Relationship to Transaction to Interaction.”
                                                                                         By Daniela La Marca
       However, on the one hand, touchpoints are not equally
       relevant  to  the  overall  experience,  and  on  the  other
       hand, a lack of focus often leads to CX initiatives failing.
       Besides  methods  for  assessing  the  relevance  and  the
       current  experience,  Phil  Winters'  IMPACT  (Ignore-
       Monitor-Participate-Activate-ConTrol) methodology could
       be  used  to  prioritize  touchpoints.  However,  when
       evaluating  the  current  experience  from  the  customer's
       point  of  view,  caution  is  advised:  usually  only  the

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