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       ads.  Instagram  may  have  a  smaller  audience  than  The  truth  is  that  chatbots  can  have  difficulty  under-
       Facebook, but their users are much more engaged. As  standing  exactly  what  a  person  is  asking  of  them.
       audiences  are  already  on  Instagram,  Stories  offer  There  isn’t  much  room  for  nuance  or  ambiguity.  As
       superior traction for engagement for advertisers.   such, using a computer to conduct a conversation can
                                                           still be a barrier to an engaging experience.
       The golden age of influencer marketing
                                                           However,  in  process-oriented  industries,  chatbots  are
       Influencer marketing is a big enabler of revenue, and big   generating  a  significant  return  on  investment.  If  you
       brands   are   getting   on   board.   It’s   estimated   need to book an airline flight or reserve a hotel room, a
       that  influencer  marketing  ad  spending  will  reach  $10   chatbot  is  a  handy  way  to  walk  you  through  that
       billion by 2020. The reason is that consumers prefer to   process.  But  if  you  want  to  complain  that  your  hotel
       see  authentic  content  from  people  who  they  trust  and   room  is  not  what  you  expected,  a  chatbot  probably
       follow  on  social  media,  rather  than  content  they  are   can’t resolve that problem.
       getting from a brand.
                                                           Overall,  in  terms  of  raising  brand  awareness  and
       However,  in  this  golden  age  of  influencer  marketing,   reaching  a  broader  audience  of  consumers,  chatbots
       there  is  also  a  good  deal  of  fraud.  Social  media   were still not ready for prime time this year.
       marketers  learned  they  need  to  do  their  due  diligence
       before investing in an influencer.                  Data is still king

       It’s  critical  that  brands  gain  the  capability  to  sniff  out  2018  was  truly  a  remarkable  year  for  social  media.
       influencer  marketing  fraud  such  as  fake  fans,  fake  These  are  just  of  a  few  of  the  many  emerging  trends
       engagement  and  fake  interests.  For  instance,  brands  that  had  a  transformative  impact  on  how  brands  use
       could examine an influencer’s performance over a longer  social  channels  to  reach  their  target  audiences.  Of
       time period and their engagement level per 1,000 fans.  course, there is one aspect of social media that didn’t
       Without these data insights, brands may waste time and  change in 2018. Solid data is required to drive decision
       money  on  an  influencer  with  no  real  reach  or  engage-  making  to  successfully  leverage  platforms  like
       ment.                                               Facebook and Instagram.

       The limited success of chatbots                     In 2019, reliable data will still be a business imperative
                                                           to  help  you  know  precisely  where  to  invest  your
       Chatbots  were  supposed  to  be  the  next  big  thing  for   advertising  budget  in  order  to  maximize  reach,
       customer relations and brand outreach, being deployed   engagement and business impact. ◊
       on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp to communicate
       one-on-one  with  consumers  and  prospects,  solving           By Yuval Ben-Itzhak, CEO, Socialbakers
       problems and marketing goods and services.

       In  2018,  the  brands  who  experimented  with  chatbots
       began to realize they weren’t going to be the big success
       they thought they would be.

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