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        2. By  2020,  30%  of  all  B2B  companies  will     4. By  2020,  augmented  reality,  virtual  reality  and
          employ artificial intelligence (AI) to augment at    mixed  reality  immersive  solutions  will  be
          least one of their primary sales processes: AI in    evaluated  and  adopted  in  20%  of  large
          sales  allows  for  more  efficiency  and  effectiveness   enterprises   as   part   of   their   digital
          in business processes, often with up to 30% higher   transformation  strategy:  Organizations  will  have
          conversion  rates  when  engaging  prospects  or     the  ability  to  provide  employees,  customers  and
          leads.  It  is  becoming  an  attractive  alternative  for   suppliers  with  a  means  to  obtain  real-time
          sales  organizations  with  high  volumes  of  lead   information,  experience  virtual  environments  and
          processing,   opportunities   and   forecasting      engage  in  social  collaboration  without  a  small,
          processes  because  it  provides  fast  and  accurate   limited  display  and  a  limited  point  of  view.
          support when performing the different sales stages.   Consumers  already  experience  some  form  of
                                                               immersive  technology,  such  as  Snapchat  filters
        3. By  2020,  more  than  40%  of  all  data  analytics
          projects  will  relate  to  an  aspect  of  customer   and 360-degree video and photos on Facebook.
          experience:  Data  and  analytics  is  already     5. By 2022, two-thirds of all customer experience
          prominent   across   marketing,   sales,   digital   projects  will  make  use  of  IT,  up  from  50%  in
          commerce,  customer     service,  social  media      2017: As the number of digital channels expands,
          management  and  field  service  departments.        self-service  or  digital  commerce  interactions  are
          However, an understanding of the overall condition   increasing, as well as the move away from human
          of  the  customer's  attitude  toward  the  enterprise  is   face-to-face  or  voice-based  interactions.  The
          lacking  for  the  majority.  What  matters  is  not  the   proportion  of  projects  using  IT  to  improve  the
          customer's  attitude  about  a  store,  department,   customer  experience  will  steadily  rise.  Those  not
          process or product, but the level of trust they have   using  technology  tend  to  be  projects  related  to
          in the organization as a whole and their likely intent   recruiting,  training,  governing  and  managing
          to remain loyal.                                     customer-facing employees. ◊

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