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             There is still a big gap between AI

             potential and use

            Artificial  intelligence  (AI)  has  become  indispensable  in   Many companies in the retail and eCommerce sectors
            science. Ultimately it is able to analyze large amounts of   are already using these AI technologies in marketing to
            data  much  faster  than  the  human  brain.  By  now,  the   some  extent.  However,  a  recent  Forrester  study,
            systems have even progressed so far that they deduce   commissioned  by  Emarsys  -  Building  Trust  and
            appropriate conclusions and can act accordingly. Thus,   Confidence:  AI  Marketing  Readiness  in  Retail  and  e-
            the  discipline  has  made  breakthroughs  in  discovering   Commerce  finds  that  there's  a  gap  between  the
            correlations  in  research  in  various  fields,  marketing   potential  of  today's  AI  marketing  solutions  and  their
            being one of them.                                   actual implementation in the enterprises.

            AI combines complex tools of marketing and enables a   Great potential
            personalized and automated customer approach
                                                                 Although  the  importance  of  AI  solutions  in  retail
            .                                                    marketing and e-commerce is well-known, it often fails
            Independently  it  manages  to  decide  on  the  time,   to  be  implemented,  the  study  reveals:  75%  of
            channel,  content  and  type  of  incentive,  based  on   respondents see the rapid progress in digitization as a
            individual customer data. At the same time, the process   problem,  according  to  the  study,  and  finding  the  right
            can  make  possible  changes  and  adjust  the  type  and   tool  is  another  issue.  Around  half  of  the  surveyed
            amount of incentives used to control campaign success.   companies (54%) even claim to have no effective data
            This  eliminates  the  need  for  elaborate,  manual   management strategy in place: A sufficient database is
            segmentation  of  buyers  into  different  groups  with   usually given, but often collected in so-called data silos
            corresponding  content  and  enables  smaller  companies   and  not  analyzed  accordingly.  Hence,  instead  of
            to prevail against industry giants                   personalized "one-to-one" offers, customers receive the

      6            February 2018 - Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) in Marketing
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