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Editor’s Note

             Dear Reader,
             Face the truth, AI is already changing the way companies work in
             their communication department: digital, voice-controlled
             assistants help to get relevant information faster, order things, or
             even edit photos and graphics. New features are possible like
             speech-to-text, text-to-speech and even text-to-video, translations
             of entire conversations, Word or PowerPoint files, automated
             image recognition and text creation. Automating recurring
             processes simply saves a lot of time and improves the throughput
             and the outcome of the communication enormously.
             Anyway, AI cannot only accelerate repetitive work processes, but
             bring completely new insights. Various aspects can be analyzed:
             for example, behavior in social media, voice patterns, facial
             expressions or body signals such as heart and respiratory rate.
             Nowadays, algorithms can not only find out what a person wants
             at a certain moment, they can also recognize how they feel about
             it and how the target group ticks in general.

             With this knowledge, not only a company’s specific approach can
             be changed, but the whole offer portfolio - right down to the
             individual price.
             Enjoy reading more all about Automation & Artificial Intelligence
             (AI) in Marketing!                                                          complimentary

             Best regards,

             Daniela La Marca,
             Editor-in-Chief, Asian eMarketing
                                                                                               with us

             Phone: +65 6836 1807

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