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       don't  let  psychological  effects  influence  their  decision.   Don’t just keeping up, stay one step ahead   ANALYSIS
       We need data, numbers and facts - in depth and speed   instead                                             TRENDS
       -  that  we  as  humans  could  neither  understand  nor
       make  available  fast  enough.  The  prerequisite  for   Responsible entrepreneurs should  now empower their
       smooth  communication  between  AIs  is  -  much  more   marketing,   sales,   service   and   communications
       than today - the availability and accessibility of correct,   departments  to  work  on  the  future  of  their
       current and relevant data.                          communications,  simply  because  it  is  crucial  for  the
                                                           competitive  situation  of  companies  to  adapt  their  own
       But anyone who hopes that this will make any channel   sales  behavior  to  the  changed  shopping  behavior  of
       superfluous will be disappointed. The past few decades   target  groups  -  and  ideally  even  to  anticipate  this
       have  shown  that  channels  and  technologies  can  lose   change.  It  is  important  to  make  time  and  resources
       importance  after  time,  but  never  disappear  entirely.   available  for  the  observation  and  analysis  of  new
       Communication  channels  are  also  subject  to  trends,   technologies   and   behavior   changes.   Industry
       which  are  currently  called  digitization,  automation  and   associations,  as  well  as  trade  fairs  and  congress
       artificial  intelligence.  But  the  complexity  does  not   organizers,  often  offer  lectures  and  workshops  on  the
       decrease, but increase, making AI more indispensable.
                                                           various  trend  topics.  Of  course,  it  is  also  possible  to
                                                           conduct  in-house  workshops  or  to  hire  external
       Fortunately,  the  fear  that  communication  could
       completely lose its human touch is unfounded. It is not   consultants.  By  experimenting  with automation and  AI
       a   contradiction:   technology   sometimes   makes   in  their  communication,  companies  train  their  future
       communication  even  more  human.  What  we  perceive   viability. When researching suitable tools, it is advisable
       as typical human communication is communication with   to  hire  an  employee  from  the  communications
       an individual character, real one-to-one communication.   department who is tech-savvy and trained in linguistics.
       Such  communication  is  direct,  fast,  specific,  relevant,   Many technology providers offer free trial accounts and
       understandable,  trusting  and  personal.  In  fact,  AI  can   support users in experimenting.
       meet  all  these  criteria  for  one-on-one  communication:   The change in corporate communication is omnipresent
       the  first  chatbot  in  history  has  been  Eliza,  a  virtual   and digitalization is inevitable. In order to survive in the
       psychotherapist  that  computer  scientist  Joseph   competition of the future, it is essential for companies
       Weizenbaum  programmed  back  in  1966.  In  such  an   to now consider the possibilities of artificial intelligence
       individual interaction, machines even have advantages:   -  both  regarding  their  own  communication  scenarios
       not  only  can  they  interpret  our  behavior,  our  facial   and  regarding  the  information  needs  and  preferred
       expressions,  voice  and  body  signals,  their  own   applications  of  their  target  group.  Of  course,  dealing
       communication does not flow into their communication,   with  privacy,  digital  ethics  and  security  challenges
       since a chatbot doesn't have bad days.
                                                           generated  by  AI  and  other  evolving  technologies  will
                                                           become  critical  to  maintain  trust  and  avoid  legal
                                                           entanglements,  but  let’s  talk  about  this  crucial  topic
                                                           another time. ◊               By Daniela La Marca

       7                                                       February 2020: Automation & AI: accelerator in digital marketing
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