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AnymindGroupAnyMind Group announced the full acquisition of Japan-based cross-border marketing company, ENGAWA Co., Ltd., from Japan-based public relations company, SUNNY SIDE UP GROUP Inc.


Back in July 2019, AnyMind Group formed a joint venture with SUNNY SIDE UP GROUP named AnyUp, providing marketers, public relations professionals and influencers in Japan with a combined offering of AnyMind Group’s influencer network, AnyCreator, and platform for influencer marketing, AnyTag (formerly known as CastingAsia), together with SUNNY SIDE UP GROUP’s public relations expertise.


Headquartered in Tokyo and founded in 2015, ENGAWA provides inbound and outbound marketing solutions for Japanese businesses and local governments in Japan to reach international audiences, and overseas businesses looking to enter the Japan market. ENGAWA also provides marketing and influencer marketing solutions, and helps Japanese manufacturers and businesses distribute their products internationally. Additionally, ENGAWA owns and operates Tokyo Weekender, the longest-running English language lifestyle print and digital publication in Japan.


It's AnyMind Group’s seventh acquisition and fourth in Japan. Previous acquisitions in Japan include publisher trading desk FourM, influencer network GROVE, and direct-to-consumer brand LÝFT, along with Hong Kong-based publisher trading desk Acqua Media, Thailand influencer network Moindy, and India-based mobile ad company POKKT Mobile Ads.


The acquisition looks to tap ENGAWA’s expertise in merchandising and distribution, and network of over 700 manufacturers throughout Japan, to strengthen AnyMind Group’s move into the direct-to-consumer space.

Karan Bajwa profile imageGoogle Cloud announced the appointment of Karan Bajwa as Vice President in APAC.


Bajwa joined Google Cloud to lead its India business in March 2020. In his new expanded role he will lead all regional revenue and go-to-market operations for Google Cloud, including Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Google Workspace.

Karan is a senior leader with over three decades of leadership experience. He previously served as Managing Director for India and South Asia at IBM. Prior to IBM, he worked with Microsoft for nine years, where he was Managing Director for the company’s operations in India in his last role. He has also worked with Cisco Systems in India and Singapore.

Bajwa is currently based in Gurgaon, India, but will relocate to Singapore in 2021. He also continues to lead Google Cloud in India until a new senior leader for the business is appointed, succeeding Rick Harshman who leaves the organization for a new opportunity.