Building a mailing list takes time and in order to build a good, qualitative and extensive mailing, the following qualities are vital: thoughtfulness, diligence and patience.
Let me give you some advice for supporting your data collection:

  1. Guarantee Privacy
    Losing “privacy” is what online users fear most. Therefore, guarantee your clients that you are not spying on their online behavior or collecting email addresses for wicked purposes. Your announcement to respect their privacy and your clear refusal to sell information will establish a level of trust. This results in more registrations and a growing database.
  2. Deliver what is promised
    Whatever value offered - your clients have to get what you promise. Be it information, special offers, privacy etc. deliver it and make sure that your clients come again and that you are not losing them.
  3. Manage your Website
    Don’t forget to place a registration form prominently on your website and promote your values/offers. It’s not a big effort and your mailing list will grow continuously. Once your values are highlighted on your Website, identify other Websites where you could advertise your service (e.g. partners), or use search engines, newsletters etc. to promote your mailing list.
  4. Don’t Ask for Unnecessary Information
    Be careful with collecting information.  Don’t ask too much and only for information necessary for the registration or basic analysis. Offer an easy and transparent registration form so that you don’t scare away potential clients already at the beginning. Be assured that you will receive more information once a relationship is developed. Requesting sensitive information such as date of birth or mobile numbers can deter people from completing the sign up process.

By Daniela La Marca