Maten WeeEnetiq Asia is multidisciplinary design and marketing consultancy company focusing on eMarketing, website design and hosting services. The company’s vision is to help companies grow by working with them on developing and implementing eMarketing programs to meet their objectives.

Their strategy is Understanding + Focus = Competence:

  • Understanding Customer’s goals
  • Focusing on achieving the objectives with them
  • Competence in carrying out our tasks

Enetiq’s approach to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is to understand clients’ customers and what products or services their customers will buy from them before they start working with them. With clients that require a new website or a website revamp, SEM services are built into the SEO services when they optimize the site for them.  “This is how the 2 relate to each other. They are very closely tied,” explains Maten Wee, a managing partner at Enetiq Asia.

Wee describes the market for SEO and SEM in the Asia Pacific as very competitive. He adds, “There are a lot of ways to stay competitive such as being able to execute fast for clients as well as keeping the costs low to fit their budget, yet at the same time, being able to provide the service professionally.”

So just what benefits have its clients experienced from Enetiq’s SEM/SEO services? “Definitely, new customer wins which in turn, bring in more sales. One of the lessons learnt is that a website’s popularity increases if they have links to other sites related to their products and services. This can be done by creating a resource page on websites for customers to come back to your website to check out other related content. Also, the content on clients’ website must be as compelling and as original as possible for search engines to capture keywords,” Wee shares.

He adds that being in the earlier pages of the search result itself increases a company’s visibility of their brand, products and services. “We have some clients’ website appearing on earlier pages of search results therefore they feedback to us they get more enquires which again, turn into more sales. We can also use images to optimize clients’ websites if their products or services involve photos, which they can use as a selling tool.”

Wee has this advice for companies venturing into SEM and SEO: “Ensure you have relevant and compelling content and keywords ready. It’s important for companies to know what keywords or phrases will prompt their customers to search for their type of products and services before they integrate SEM into their eMarketing strategy.”

He believes that the SEM/SEO marketplace is very fast-paced and fast-changing, and as a result, companies will face increasing competition in order to be more visible on the World Wide Web. However, on the bright side, both SEO and SEM are long-term strategies and relatively inexpensive ways to increase a company’s web presence thereby increasing their sales potential.

The primary issue facing marketer’s in Asia when it comes to SEO and SEM, says Wee is: Having to justify marketing spending with visible results. One of marketers’ main challenges is not being able to guarantee their company can stay on the 1st or 2nd page all the time as SEO is organic. However, more and more businesses are realizing the importance of their website being visible on the World Wide Web and many are working hard to ensure this. Another major hurdle is customers’ expectations sometimes being too unrealistic.
Enetiq prides itself on its fast execution and delivery of results in the SEO/SEM field. According to Wee, their clients see SEO results within a month where it typically takes around six months for other companies.

It’s no wonder than that since it started its SEO line of work and services, Enetiq has steadily gained traction in this area, winning customers over with their knowledge, skills and dedication.

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By Shanti Anne Morais