With the latest wave of cyber attacks targeting Google, Citibank, Sony, Sega, IMF, the US Senate and the Malaysian government, it is clear that cybercrime has exploded to become the number one organized crime globally.

Now that multinational corporations, global institutions and governments seem to be losing the battle against cybercrime, SMEs and other organizations have become even more vulnerable targets for these cyber attacks. Dell keeps at it by providing their PowerEdge servers as a platform for M86 Security's award-winning Secure Web Gateway (SWG) solution.

M86 Security, an expert in real-time Web and email threat protection, gets a great opportunity to prove its effectiveness in fighting the growing complexity and gravity of global cybercrime. With its patented Real-time Code Analysis™, behavioral blended-threat detection technologies, and the widest range of deployment options, M86 SWG helps enterprises and organizations of all sizes to effectively and proactively combat cyber-attacks and its appliance, software, and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for Web and email security, which is protecting already their more than 25,000 customers and 26 million users worldwide.

“With cybercrime costing companies worldwide between US$100 billion to US$1 trillion per year, Dell OEM is pleased to work with an industry leader like M86 as they provide robust and proven Web security technology solutions to make corporate networks more secure,” said Ron Pugh, Americas Sales Director, Dell OEM Solutions.

The M86 Secure Web Gateway (SWG) maximizes Web security without compromising productivity or reporting. It provides the most accurate malware detection available to protect against known or unknown malware - providing maximum security with minimal false positives and productivity interruptions, besides in-depth reporting, social-media controls and DLP to simplify compliance. It integrates into existing environments, at the lowest TCO, through the widest range of deployment options.

“The M86 relationship with Dell OEM was driven by our wish to provide customers with the only certified secure Web gateway solution that can protect enterprises from Zero-Day threats in real time,” said Paul Myer, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development, M86 Security, adding “the recent increase of Web-based attacks shows that enterprises of all sizes are vulnerable to cybercrime and M86 is focused on helping organizations protect against them.”

With Asia-Pacific server shipments up 21 percent in the first quarter of 2011, the availability of M86’s SWG on Dell’s OEM servers will give consumers definitely a compelling choice of hardware platforms whilst enjoying the benefits of enterprise-class secure Web gateway technology.

By Daniela La Marca