leadmgtToday, inbound marketing no longer means that the potential customer is calling immediately, rather that the prospective customer searches for information on the Internet first.

The following tips could be useful to give your lead management a health push:

Tip 1: A company that can provide relevant, useful and non-commercial information is perceived positively by the interested party and remains in the memory. The prospect becomes the lead - and in the best case provides personal data in exchange for content.

Tip 2: After lead generation comes lead nurturing: now it's time to qualify leads with automated information offers. Then, in the so-called lead scoring, those leads that indicate that the buying interest is big, and the probability of completion is high, are filtered out.

Tip 3: Finally, if the lead is "ready for sale", it's time to hand that qualified lead from marketing to sales. It's the time for a salesperson to personally take care of the lead.

Tip 4: Communication processes shift from outbound to inbound marketing, making it increasingly important for B2B companies to be prepared for cross-channel communication with interested parties. In the age of the self-determined purchasers, it is also a good idea to give the lead the sovereignty over the desired type of contact and the acceptable frequency of contact.

Tip 5: Always plan for multichannel marketing campaigns: producing visibility in the digital space is now mandatory for every company, including SEO and SEA, as well as useful content on the very own landing pages.

Tip 6: Do you know the water hole strategy? A company lays in wait for new customers, where they can most likely find them - when they search for information at the very beginning of their customer journey.

If you can provide useful information to the later buyer in the Zero Moment of Truth, then you have the best confidence base for future business opportunities. At the same time, the information seeker is most likely happy to exchange some personal information for attractive content, such as name and email address in the download form, this way becoming the lead.

By MediaBUZZ