payperclicjTapping into the rapidly emerging Asian market is made easier than ever in 2016, with the launch of the brand new pay per click ad network, Klik Untung, that is specialized in Indonesian traffic.

Fast, affordable and effective, teaser advertisements have materialized as a forcible presence in the world of digital marketing. Klik Untung is helping both advertisers and publishers capitalize on the trend with a purpose built platform that actively increases traffic and monetizes sites.

It uses a pay-per-click, auction model network to provide both advertisers and publishers with a source of publicity and profit, planning to expand to other Southeast Asian countries this year.

Short, sweet and seriously effective, teasers have emerged as a hugely hard hitting form of advertising. Flexible configuration enables easy integrated into the content of a website, with minimal impact on the user experience.

They’ve been hailed as an additional source of income for sites already using AdSense or other advertising programs, and boast a higher click through rate (CTR) than their banner and context ad counterparts.

Firman Chandra, Marketing Director at Klik Untung said, “Teaser advertisements have surfaced as the next big thing in digital adverting, with huge benefits for both advertisers and publishers. Klik Untung was founded to ensure that opportunities reach not just Western markets, but also the Southeast Asian sector.

With its close proximity to both Australia and China, Indonesia enjoys the largest economy in Southeast Asia. It’s renowned as one of the biggest emerging market economies on the planet, with GDP growth of 6.46%. Its latest annual export value was estimated at a huge US$199.1 billion, giving it a GDP rank of 16. Today it’s a certified member of G-20 major economies, and is classified as a newly industrialized country.

For advertisers, Klik Untung is a formidable way to increase site traffic from Indonesian browsers. Buyers pay for site clicks only, which means every dollar translates to a direct website visit. A simple interface and helpful support system makes ads easy to control, while a personal manager is always on-hand to assist with any issues.

Publishers also stand to benefit from Klik Untung, with the platform offering lucrative income opportunities for websites of all calibres. Owners are able to custom select relevant advertisements in order to keep site content pertinent. Weekly payments are made via e-currencies and local Indonesian banks, with a minimum payment threshold of Rp 150 000.

With Klik Untung already enjoying unprecedented success within the Indonesian market, it has its sights set on Asian expansion in 2016. This will include the integration of a pay-per-impressions pricing model option.

By MediaBUZZ