4C4C, a data science and media technology company, announced the release of its SaaS TV Synced Ads product at the recent Consumer Electronics Show, making a marketing dream come true since the new self-service portal empowers 4C clients to synchronize campaigns programmatically across TV, digital, and mobile channels. Now, brands can deliver online display banners, video, rich media as well as search and social ads on second screens (smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops) based on live TV triggers. Within moments of a specific commercial, selected programming or live event airing on TV, 4C is able to recognize the content and launch a corresponding ad.

“Our new self-service portal provides clients with a simple and easy way to manage and deliver synchronized ads across channels and devices,” said Dr. Alok Choudhary, founder and Chief Scientist of 4C. “The great benefit is putting the power of TV ad syncing into the hands of our clients, so that they can manage their campaigns quickly and more efficiently.”

Underpinning 4C’s proprietary solution is Teletrax, the largest global TV monitoring network which was acquired by 4C in July 2015. Teletrax provides the most comprehensive and accurate data for TV ad syncing with 2,100+ channels indexed in 76 countries. In September, the 4C Social Ads product was integrated with TV Synced Ads to support multi-screen experiences across leading social media properties including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This latest release adds display and search campaign management for TV syncing to complement social and give marketers the ability to truly surround consumers and engage them with the right message at the right time.

According to eMarketer, only 10% of marketers say their messaging, execution and delivery are aligned across touch points even though most believe cross-channel marketing is from a strategic point of view an important approach that delivers strong results.

The 4C TV Synced Ads product provides a solution to that disconnect by simplifying the logistics around cross-channel marketing coordination. The new self-service portal allows 4C clients to:

• Connect directly with leading media buying platforms to trigger digital and mobile ads based on TV ads and programming occurrences. 4C is integrated with Google AdWords and Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) such as AppNexus, DoubleClick Bid Manager, and Adform.

• Build multi-screen campaigns based on a variety of TV occurrence metadata including brand, product, category, TV channel, TV program, and ad break.

• Trigger ads within seconds of TV occurrences and choose any time duration for ads to run. After the set window, 4C will pause the campaign until the criteria is met again.

• Geo-target TV synced ads by country and region.

“A central feature of our Macro targeting suite is TV ad syncing, which allows advertisers to respond to significant moments in real-time. By leveraging the influence of TV advertising, 4C TV Synced Ads both boost performance and provide disruptive marketing opportunities for our clients," said John Goulding, Global Product Director, Media iQ. "4C's data is integral to our TV product, both in terms of accurate targeting as well as pre-and-post campaign TV insights. We're excited about the extra flexibility and instant access to segments that the 4C self-service portal will add to our offering.”

By MediaBUZZ