havasTo improve media inventory and campaign quality, Havas Media Group recently launched a unique next-generation ‘Meta Quality Barometer’, based on a comprehensive, inclusive approach to data.

Developed by Artemis Alliance, a global data-driven capacity of Havas Group, the Meta Quality Barometer delivers continuously updated data across global, plural-media campaigns, to share with all stakeholders (technology partners, media publishers and clients) to optimize investments.

By now, Artemis Alliance manages tracking and analysis for 100% of Havas Media Group digital campaigns, analyzing more than 300 billion touch points every year. Awarded ISO27001 certification by Bureau Veritas, Artemis Alliance guarantees that access to data is controlled, data is safe against copy, transfer or destruction, and integrity of data is preserved. Hence, it optimizes proprietary, consumer, client, and third-party and open data to drive marketing, communication and business results.

Dominique Delport, Global Managing Director of Havas Media Group explains: “Confidence in data quality is a critical issue for our industry. The scale of fraudulent inventory generated by sophisticated 'bots' is extremely concerning and neither media vendors nor agencies are safe. We need to bring trust and clarity back for our clients. For these reasons Havas has invested in our best-in-class Artemis Alliance data platform for over a decade.”

Indeed, eMarketer revealed that ad fraud is a top concern for both media buyers (33%) and suppliers (44%), and both groups also show great concern for ad viewability (21% and 15%). Besides, Adledge estimates that only 42% of all impressions served were considered ‘visible’ according to the definition of the Interactive Advertising Bureau and 8% were displayed in a potentially damaging context for the advertiser. White Ops recently reported that non-human traffic (aka bots) alone will cost digital advertisers worldwide over $6.3 billion this year

“As a result, we are delighted to launch the first Meta Quality Barometer for our industry. Helping us to connect the dots of the most advanced tech providers, delivering a unique and systematic "meta" barometer on data integrity, security and brand safety. This will facilitate and boost our communications with media owners to increase the quality of inventory for our clients. I am extremely proud of the teams in Artemis Alliance who have formalized a systematic approach to challenging industry practices so that we can help to provide better business solutions for our clients and media partners", Dominique Delpor added.

In general, the Meta Quality Barometer covers five main areas:

1. Compliance: Matching impressions against purchased media
Artemis Alliance rates media owners’ compliance with campaign directives: promise (purchased versus delivered media) and technical qualifications (specifications and requirements).  Artemis Alliance constantly audits both tagging systems (with partner Hub’Scan) and creative work provided for each campaign (with partner ClarityAd).

2. Experience: User experience
Artemis Alliance takes into account user experience and user interaction with campaign messages, in particular how long it takes for pages and ads to load for users (with partner Catchpoint), as well as where the ads are located on the page.

3. Impact: Viewability and performance auditing
Artemis Alliance can correlate performance (in particular in terms of audience) and viewability of media campaigns, to gauge their impact, through automatic and personalized tracking for each advertiser and for each action.

4. Context: Media content and brand safety
Brand safety services are codes inserted in campaign tags which allow Artemis Alliance to protect a brand’s image, quantify the number of blocked impressions (undesirable context), and identify the context where these impressions were delivered (with partners Adledge, Peer39).

5. Traffic: Securing campaign distribution
To combat the rise of illegitimate Internet traffic worldwide, Artemis Alliance provides teams with both manual and technological solutions.  Media teams identify and blacklist all suspect URLs based on abnormal click-rates, coded URLs and pages without ads. Artemis Alliance also works with several anti-fraud technology solutions to better protect our campaign results (with partners Adledge, Peer39, Integral Ad Science, White Ops, etc).

“This is a win-win deal.  We can now pull in data from across all screens, technology companies and media partners to provide the first external, objective review of outcomes across the five critical areas of Compliance, Experience, Impact, Context and Traffic. While we can’t guarantee 100% viewability or zero fraud, we can make a commitment to our clients and our publishers to improve the quality of inventory available and make the information clear and easy to activate. The ultimate win, therefore, will be for clients, who will benefit from smarter solutions and cleaner data to drive investments and business decisions”, Rob Griffin, EVP, Media Futures & Innovation, Havas Media Group summarized.

By MediaBUZZ