contentwiseContentWise the personalization, discovery, analytics and metadata expert, today announced that Broadcast Asia will see it demonstrate how operators in the APAC region can take advantage of the regional growth of OTT through new integrated personalization solutions. ContentWise will be showcasing the latest release of its UX personalization software, ContentWise 5.4, as well as hosting a discussion on ‘Leveraging Viewer Data Analytics to Deliver Personalized Content Automation’ as part of Broadcast Asia’s conference line-up.

Visitors to the ContentWise booth (4C2-05) will see first-hand how they can use ContentWise 5.4 to blend the curation of marketing and editorial teams with powerful data-driven automation to achieve advanced personalization for linear TV, catch-up, VOD and OTT services.

The new features of ContentWise 5.4 enable content operators to create personalized user experiences with greater ease than ever before, including:

  • A UX API; to streamline the development of personalized TV apps and provide the operator with a single point of control over the viewer’s experience;
  • A new automated ‘user cold start’ feature; that offers a personalized set of collections and discovery options within three seconds of a new viewer coming on-board. Unlike traditional recommendation engines that take hours to re-compute algorithmic models, the ContentWise Personalized Welcome Discovery Package is ready in seconds;
  • Support for automatic microgenres generation and personalization: ContentWise builds thousands of unique collections by automatically clustering content and matching them to individual viewers in real time.

By consolidating on-demand catalogues, TV guide information, news feeds and third-party metadata, ContentWise 5.4 is able to make connections based on the ‘hidden’ emotional, social and lifestyle traits of the user and automate the digital storefront to reconfigure content selections and to deliver content discovery, predictive search and targeted promotions in real-time.

This functionality ensures that operators can reduce their editorial overhead on data quality and content curation, increase catalogue consumption and shorten time-to-content, providing a clear advantage against competitors in a region seeking to capture OTT market growth through new multi-screen services.

Pancrazio Auteri, CTO of ContentWise, commented: “Over the next five years, the Asia Pacific region’s OTT market will experience exponential growth, creating a key juncture for operators to achieve a first-movers advantage in delivering highly personalized content experiences. Our focus at Broadcast Asia is to ensure that operators have a clear sense of how far personalization technologies have moved beyond ‘the recommendation engine’, With this new release, we are empowering operators to offer the magic of the most advanced personalization experiences with greater ease than ever before.”

By MediaBUZZ