ibmA year ago, MediaMath Founder and CEO Joe Zawadzki and IBM Chief Digital Officer Bob Lord partnered and laid out their vision of how to help unlocking the full potential of brand engagement to deliver marketing that customers would truly love. Both companies were committed to join forces to reshape the advertising industry by connecting paid and owned media into a single view of the end-to-end customer journey using AI-powered marketing technology and they just presented the result – the IBM Media Optimizer, powered by MediaMath.

It was a tall order, but over the last year, IBM Watson Marketing and MediaMath have made significant progress, which they just revealed. Both companies pooled their industry insight, data science expertise and software development prowess to build competitive offerings leveraging technologies across Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Infrastructure that are already delivering tangible marketing outcomes.

MediaMath TerminalOne platform provides a combined DSP and DMP that works seamlessly with the Watson Marketing stack and creates a complete AdTech-plus-MarTech solution.

Their open platform has been purpose-built for marketers and powered by Watson intelligence with scaled, brand-safe inventory, exclusive data and industry-leading training and support, featuring:

  • Intelligent Bidder: Infused with Watson intelligence, Intelligent Bidder allows marketers to prioritize an endless range of unstructured attributes, from sentiment analysis to weather patterns, to campaign optimization.
  • Universal Behavior Exchange (UBX): UBX is the component that enables bi-directional audience and event data transfer between Watson Marketing products and MediaMath’s DSP/DMP platform, hence, creating a unified user identity across AdTech and MarTech solutions.

The fact is that their joint technology enables marketers to reach the audiences they want, with the right messages at optimal times, with the scale they need to achieve the business outcomes they desire.

In early pilots, campaigns are experiencing, on average, over 35% improved performance and 70% increased win rates, according to IBM Watson. Improved consumer experiences and programmatic marketing operations, better decisions, competitive advantage and bottom-line results are coming along with it.

Furthermore, MediaMath is working hard to clean up the ecosystem. As the industry is in a transition period from its historic focus on second-price auctions, the company has recently penned an open letter to its 50 direct, integrated suppliers telling them that it will stop buying from partners that play auction games. It is rolling out policies and procedures against auction manipulation and any supply-side tactics that solely exist to unduly disadvantage other SSPs.

Ultimately, consumers need to be at the heart of marketing campaigns, Mediamath said, emphasizing that it will continue to lead the industry towards this goal, working with stakeholders in the industry, civil society, academia and policymakers to make the marketing that consumers encounter online more relevant, less intrusive and of the best quality. Just like for the past 11 years, Mediamath’s business goals are promoting transparency and preserving trust with measurable, meaningful experiences that are responsive to consumer needs and wants.

By MediaBUZZ