PocketConPocketCon, a decentralized ecosystem for digital creativities and a blockchain based marketplace, is an entertainment platform for digital creators and fan communities to get in-touch, interact and trade products. The platform offers a revolutionary way for artists and content creators to work and communicate with fans and gives every artist an equal opportunity to get into the spotlight.

Developed by the team of Gaia Online, the platform allows its members to let people know about their names and art personalities with no need of insanely expensive agencies and exhibitions. With 29 million registered users and 2.3 billion forum posts, Gaia Online is a leading innovator in community and digital currency since 2004 and one of the first companies in the US to introduce digital currency and micro transactions. Since then, there have been more than $100 million worth of virtual goods sold and more than 10 billion transactions been done to date.

With the knowledge from Gaia Online, PocketCon decided to adopt a decentralized organizational model to encourage the development of a digital creativity ecosystem that is not only open and decentralized but also more compelling than the traditional centralized system, which triggered their plan to launch an entirely new platform: PocketCon Ecosystem.

Some people say that blockchain technology is a form of art. Anyway, the fact is that blockchain is extremely attractive to the art community today. Unsurprisingly, the first forays into the art trade’s use of blockchain have been made by start-ups.

PocketCon, for example, offers artists a platform for uploading their digital works, securing their attribution and selling them. From now on beginners and professionals share the space and only their talent may prove who is worth of international recognition. The platform tries to solve decade-old problems that artists and digital content creators have with interacting with fans, getting demand, determining their values, negotiating terms, and getting paid.

Its main pillars are an innovative community of millions of artists and their fans, a rewarding program, and a blockchain based contract and payment system.

While PocketCon application is in a process of development, the Creative Gallery is now available, and it works as described in the following:

PocketCon Creative Gallery is a place where young digital art talents are represented to the fandom. Each digital creator has an own profile with avatar, bio, art samples tagged with style of art and contact info. Users may share the artists’ profiles in their social media to let other people know of their favorite digital creators of PocketCon. Users also may vote for their favorite artists. A “Top Creator” will be selected by vote every week and placed on the front page of PocketCon Creative Gallery. If two or more different artists get similar rate, the “Top Creator” will be defined randomly among all nominated artists. The winner of the week will be also rewarded with some amount of POCs (Pocket Coins – a digital currency of PocketCon) and marked with this title for one week until the new Top Creator will be chosen. A winner won’t be able to participate in voting for the title during one week after his victory. While the overall rating of each artist grows, a weekly rating gets reset every Monday. Thus, all users have an equal chance to become a Top Creator of the week.

"We aim to grow a brought and friendly self-regulated community, where every user can support our artists by voting for them, sharing their art and following them. New artists are always welcome to join us!" James Cao, CEO of PocketCon and one of the founders of Gaia Online said.

PocketCon is a partner of Blue Token, funded by Plutus VC, and you can apply to become a part of PocketCon Creative Gallery here.

By MediaBUZZ