OfforteWriting proposals is an essential task for everyone in business. To make their life easier and to help them in managing their job scope, a new feature has been added to Offorte, namely doing the job for you.

With the new AI Textwriter's help, you can generate complete texts with the click of a button with just a little input. You can have company, product, and service descriptions written, among other things. Behind the scenes, an artificial intelligence system gets to work writing your text. It employs one of the most advanced AI systems globally, trained by reading trillions of words and sentences.

The technology cannot replace humans yet and is still in the beta phase, since there are several nuances in writing a quote to win the job that takes a human. Hence, to be able to process this in your proposals, human input and fine-tuning are required. The AI Textwriter mainly helps you to inspire, create, and automate.

By Daniela La Marca