2directGary Olden, VP of Enterprise Sales at Direct Response writes in his article that „performance marketing has evolved to become much more comprehensive than yesterday’s basic affiliate program.

Today, merchants realize they have—and have access to—many different types of partnerships. Call them affiliates, publishers, advertisers, value added resellers (VARs), channel partners, or what you will. They are all relationships that can help drive revenue for brands.

DirectTrack, Direct Response‘s flagship solution, continues to set the bar as the world’s premier affiliate marketing and tracking platform, supporting a broad range of business models and industry verticals. Leveraging the success of the company with its 500+ global customers, the company has envisioned and built the world’s largest performance-based advertising marketplace as an additional revenue generation tool for clients and the industry. Its diverse global client base spans just about every conceivable industry, vertical and business model.

DirectTrack’s robust open architecture and advanced APIs is built to be custom configured, white labeled and scaled around a diverse range of business models, verticals, workflows and online strategies, helping clients achieve and ultimately exceed their goals by aligning the solutions and expertise around their clients‘ unique business requirements, goals, processes and budgets.

DirectTrack supports the following Business Segments / Channels:

  • Merchant Affiliate Programs: Whether you’re already active in performance marketing or are just getting started, company can gain complete control over revenue, growth, brand visibility, fraud, and the affiliate experience with this solution.
  • Affiliate Ad Networks: If you’re looking to create and grow a global performance network, the customizable out-of-the-box tools and robust features of DirectTrack help you quickly scale your program, allowing you to focus on driving revenue and building profitable partnerships.
  • Performance Ad Marketplace (Campaign Distribution): Expand distribution, revenue and visibility in real time by tapping into the world’s largest proprietary advertising distribution marketplace, besides gaining access to millions of performance marketers that reach consumers that you would not otherwise be able to target through existing distribution.
  • Channel Partner Management: Create programs to manage independent resellers (VARs), retailers, or any other third party selling on your behalf. Streamline and centralize sales, marketing and service-based activities by managing, tracking and facilitating complex online orders while expanding your business volume, partnerships and offerings.
  • OEM Partner Management: The OEM solution adds significant value to your integrated product offerings, allowing you to accurately track and manage online business transaction such as activities, performance, compensation and incentives. DirectTrack even offers here handling the paying of your partners so you can focus on your core business.
  • Display Marketing: The solution not only provides automated optimization of ads, it enables you to maximize your online media investment by providing visibility into actions and conversions from these viewed ads. Attribute transactions to specific advertisements giving you real-time performance data from which to drive sound business decisions.
  • Affinity and Loyalty Programs: DirectTrack helps leverage and monetize your existing affinity and loyalty program, while strengthening customer loyalty and brand visibility. The private-label solution enables you to increase the value of your customer relationships through expanded and incentivized offerings, as well as through enhanced intelligence.
  • Emerging Channels: DirectTrack will help you utilize social media, video and mobile marketing to target and gain visibility into your most profitable customers and prospects. Expand revenue, distribution and sales through emerging channel promotions, while offering new content types designed to target viral distribution.
  • Direct Marketing: Take control and ownership over your direct marketing or lead campaigns with DirectTrack that gives marketers the ability to monetize, centralize, manage, track and analyze multiple disparate direct marketing channels or campaigns—providing enhanced visibility, revenue potential and operational efficiency.

According to Gary Olden, if done right, performance marketing can play an important role in the online marketing mix for large advertisers for years to come. With the onslaught of new advertising channels and opportunities, long-term performance marketing profitability will hinge on advertisers’ ability to continue to evolve their programs—leveraging strategic accomplishments and building on direct affiliate relationships to maximize success across new channels and media. (Source: www.directtrack.com)

By MediaBUZZ