The mobile media buying platform adsmobi’s prime business is placing successful mobile campaigns for mobile advertisers by delivering premium advertising traffic for their clients through partnerships with leading mobile mediation and optimization platforms.

adsmobi matches agencies and brands with the best mobile publisher inventory to achieve their mobile ROI goals with the help of their ad server that effectively manages media spending with the flexibility to target a desired audience at the right time, in the right place, on the right device. The company has chosen the hyper-local mobile ad network YOOSE to develop their soon to launch location-based mobile coupon service, Prime Location.

Advertisers who sign up for Prime Location will benefit from a functionally rich, but easy to use, self-service web application to create and manage their location-based mobile coupon campaigns.They can select their desired target group, indicating the time, place, and device on which they want their ads to appear, since adsmobi has a huge inventory spanning 220 countries and hitting 30 billion ad requests.

Prime Location’s ability to deliver consumer engagement via mobile coupons will complement the existing adsmobi service offering which includes innovative and performance driven products such as Rich Media Ad Formats or the Push-App Program,a dedicated mobile app promotion program.

RamyYared, Co-Founder and Managing Director for adsmobi, says the developer relationship between the two companies was a natural choice given the common ground they share, “With our forthcoming Mobile Coupon Service Prime Location, we will successfully extend our mobile advertising service offerings. Location Based Services are in great demand, brands and advertisers want to reach their consumers directly at the Point of Sale. We chose YOOSE as a partner not just for their technical expertise but also for their commercial understanding of what mobile publishers, advertisers and consumers want.”

Prime Location will be structured to allow users to launch their new mobile coupon campaigns in four simple steps, making it easy and fast for both agency-based professionals managing the needs of multiple brands, and smaller businesses who may be new to mobile advertising. The first two steps allow the user to set up the type of coupon they want in a pre-defined category (such as Food & Drink, Entertainment & Leisure, Health & Beauty) and create a tailored campaign message or offer. The final two steps ensure they can set up an accompanying ad banner, determine the location radius for their offering (for example, around a flagship store) and set the validity dates for the campaign.

Christian Geissendoerfer, CEO for YOOSE says, “In terms of the functionality, we had to ensure the Prime Location self-service platform would be intuitive to use and would set the standard for on-going expectations of location-based mobile advertising. This is what will ensure the long-term success and value for the user base. The emphasis was on delivering a very powerful solution with precision consumer engagement via location-targeting and couponing, but we had to be mindful not to overwhelm the user with the technology that powers it. Mobile advertisers can be confident that all the elements required for successful targeting are working together – consumers, location, offer, format, inventory and timing. It’s a seamless process and one that is very easy to manage.”

Both companies are headquartered in Singapore and Adsmobi’s partner Smaato Inc., an ad-enabler for mobile phones, is quite active as well in the Asian region, supporting with its Smaato Open Mobile Advertising (SOMA) platform that delivers targeted mobile advertising as well as cooperation with international ad networks, media companies, carriers, publishers and software developers for its cutting edge mobile advertising platform.

By MediaBUZZ