buddyBuddy Media announced this month BuyBuddy, their new and innovative social ad management software that allows brands to manage paid, owned, and earned media across social publishing, applications, analytics, commerce and advertising in just one unified software solution.


BuyBuddy enables you to create, monitor, optimize and measure highly targeted Facebook advertising campaigns.



















Reach your desired audience by quickly and easily creating highly-targeted and localized campaigns at scale.


Build and distribute shared assets across your organization to continually improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your campaigns.


Identify which ads and demographics deliver the best performance with proprietary

conversion tracking.


Make informed data-driven buying decisions about the content and activity on your social profiles using Facebook Insights data.


View significant data trends with real-time detailed campaign results.


Make real-time optimization decisions across all of your ads and campaigns. Maximize your campaigns efficiently by using our powerful framework to construct your own automation engine.

Actually, just at the end of February, Buddy Media acquired Brighter Option, to integrate the best social ad management software on the market intoits social marketing suite. Michael Lazerow, CEO and Co-Founder of Buddy Media, said at the time that more and more branded content would reach people through paid channels via Buddy Media technology, as the lines between paid, owned and earned media disappear. Besides, in a recent article for Advertising Age, he wrote that engagement is important, but it is only a means to an end. The scale that occurs, with the combination of consumer insight from social media and the reach available via paid media to drive sales, loyalty and other business goals, is that end. In addition to rebranding the product to fit the unified Buddy Media social marketing suite, he wanted to show what happens when you truly integrate paid ads into your social marketing efforts.

Great British Chefs, a premium brand that provides food lovers with great content from the very best chefs in Britain, achieved e.g. an average Click Through Rate (CTR) of .07% vs. the Facebook benchmark of .02% using BuyBuddy. Some of their best campaigns have even reached a CTR as high as .13%.In addition, close to 20% of their traffic is now referred by Facebook.

Or digital agency Tillison Consulting utilized BuyBuddy for their client Work the World, the largest specialist provider of overseas healthcare placements in the world and increased CTR by 90% using BuyBuddy, while reducing Cost Per Click (CPC) by 45%.

This was achieved by adjusting bids regularly, using analytics to qualify the campaign demographics and split testing adverts to find the most successful creative. In addition, BuyBuddy was able to identify underperforming creative quickly, and by optimizing and terminating underperforming demographics, the conversion rate rose 200% throughout the campaign’s lifetimes – just to mention a few success stories.

By now, Buddy Media’s integrated social advertising suite is serving close to 1,000 clients with users in 91 countries. BuyBuddy alone generated more than 1 million clicks per day (90 million total) in Q1 2012, up from 54.1 million total clicks generated in Q4 2011. And the number of impressions managed continues to skyrocket, reaching 127 billion in Q1 2012, up 92 million in Q4 2011 and the number of total ads increased as well to 1.6 million in Q1 2012 from 1.2 in Q4 2011.

Since brands and agencies are in desperate need of a unified social marketing suite where they can manage all of their social content, from applications to ads, the future looks bright for Buddy Media. The company support companies to manage social programs holistically so they can organize, optimize and repeat to drive maximum ROI.

By Anjum Siddiqi