lotameLotame, the world's leading independent data management platform (DMP), recently announced the launch of Lotame Cross-Device, a Device Graph technology that connects digital devices together, opening up a broad range of new targeting and monetization options for advertisers and publishers.

"Today's consumer is more connected than ever before, spending more time online, but across a broader number of different digital devices," commented Andy Monfried, Lotame's Founder and CEO. "Without the ability to link these devices together, advertisers are restricted to targeting and measuring cross-screen campaigns in silos, and publishers are unable to unlock the true value of their mobile inventory. Lotame Cross-Device addresses these issues head on."

The new solution is based on technology originally developed by AdMobius, the San Mateo based company Lotame acquired in Q1 2014, utilizing a combination of deterministic and probabilistic algorithms to create links between desktops, smartphones and tablets.

By linking different digital devices together, the patent-pending technology enables the creation of rich, cross-screen audience segments and addresses the challenge of device fragmentation for both advertisers and publishers. Lotame’s media agnostic solution ensures that clients have full data ownership and portability across activation channels, besides supporting their way they collect, unify, protect, and activate audience data.

For this reason, Lotame Cross-Device has been integrated within the company's existing DMP, which helps differentiate the technology from competitors’ products in the market.

"As a business we remain fully media agnostic which we believe is an important differentiator for this new solution," said Monfried. "With Lotame Cross-Device, clients have complete ownership over their cross-device audience segments, and are able to deliver campaigns using their chosen activation channel. With the media landscape shifting so quickly, we think this level of flexibility is a key benefit for our clients."

Opportunities presented by Lotame Cross-Device include:

  • Cookie-based audience segments can now be targeted across mobile devices and mobile-based audience segments can be targeted across desktops. This increases reach for advertisers and monetization potential for publishers.
  • Advertisers can use the technology to tell sequential brand stories across screens, increasing the impact and effectiveness of digital campaigns.
  • Ad delivery can now be frequency capped across screens, reducing wastage and avoiding negative consumer experiences.
  • Cross-device consumption patterns can be used to underpin custom content delivery and ad creative, helping increase ad engagement and the stickiness of publisher properties.

"Lotame Cross-Device has significantly increased the scale of our digital campaigns by enabling us to extend our desktop audience segments across mobile," commented Michael Beach, Co-Founder at Targeted Victory, one of the beta partners for Lotame Cross-Device. "The ability to seamlessly port audience segments between devices is only going to become more important as media consumption continues to fragment across screens."

Unfortunately, too much digital advertising is still executed in silos: Audiences are built across smartphones, tablets and desktops, and campaigns are served across these devices with no clear understanding of audience overlap and no way to effectively deliver sequential messaging. Lotame’s new cross-device technology is tackling head on one of the biggest challenges digital advertising is facing today.

By MediaBUZZ