what social mediaAlthough social media (marketing) has already become a habit for many, it’s important to keep track of the current developments in this area, which is why we summarized the most important trends for this year.

What social media managers need to know:

1. More Streaming

Streaming Media like Periscope, Blab or Meerkat will become more important. It’s a chance to get closer to the customer - but also bears the risk of not getting a real dialogue.

2. Better video content

Video content and commercials will (have to) develop even further as the abundance of moving pictures online won’t decrease. In order to still attract attention on the many platforms, featured videos are a must for staying relevant - continously.

3. More advertising, more sales

In social media, it will generally be more about advertising and selling this year, or at least that’s a very clear trend. Who still wants to be noticed must spend some money, especially since the networks offer more and more new opportunities to bang the drum for own content. In addition, an increasing number of networks launches "Buy Buttons". Instead of having to look for a product in a separate search, it can virtually be bought "seamlessly” – and that’s a practical thing.

4. More Snapchat

Marketing discovers the possibilities of Snapchat because wherever the coveted young target group is, marketing should be, too. Besides, applications such as Snapchat break with previous habits - and that's always good.

5. Better Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is getting more professional. Bloggers as opinion leaders have become the norm and companies that are aware of their power, too. Thus, only the cooperation has to get better – and it will.

6. More Content Marketing

Is more content marketing even possible? Definitely!  And with a bit more hard work and some luck, the content is even getting better – and that’s good!

By MediaBUZZ