Digital Marketing MaturityHaving a 360-degree view of the customer makes definitely any marketing activity better, however, there is still a lot of data integration in disarray.

Progress Sitefinity recently presented the results of its study "Digital Marketing Maturity: The Results Are In" which examined the degree of maturity of digital marketing in companies to help them determining the level of sophistication within their digital marketing operations.

According to the report, in 56% of the surveyed companies none, or at best, only a few marketing systems are integrated on such a way that they can exchange data. Manual processes are required in 80% of the cases and only in 20% all systems are fully automated.

Almost two thirds of respondents said they have integrated two or three systems using batch processes; 60% report that they have linked the same number of systems via real-time integration. Five or more systems have less than 20% integration.

Nearly 70% of respondents said their analytics solution is fully integrated and they can see everything centrally. In addition, a majority of respondents reported a positive impact on conversion rates (87%) and the effectiveness of marketing programs (70%) with Big Data and Analytics.

More than 700 marketing executives from companies of different industries and sizes were interviewed to determine the development level of their digital marketing activities.

To see how you compare with other digital marketing groups and identify areas you can improve, download the whitepaper Digital Marketing Maturity: The Results are In.

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By MediaBUZZ