5howIn the last two decades, marketing in the business world changed completely, introduced by the Internet’s triumphal march into companies, who can’t exist without it anymore. So it is not surprising that a bidding contest for the first place on the search engine result pages has developed, making Google indispensable for marketers, as the most game-changing and important player in this field.

However, in order to end up on top of Google’s search ranking, companies have had to modify their web pages completely in February 2011, when Google changed its "ranking algorithm" with the Panda update. Since then, websites with inferior content are listed last on search result pages. With changes to the algorithm, Google tries to meet the needs of the users of search engines, who steadily require high-quality content.

Content Marketing is more than ever king

Every company can influence the search engines with content, fulfilling the criteria of Google. So far, good content was influenced with substantial building of links to third party sites and call-to-action elements have been added as well to achieve good results. Today, however, not only those companies that offer their products prominently are standing out in the Google ranking, but websites that make sure that their customers come first, making quality content and social networks imperative.

Clumsy advertising that annoys the reader has a negative impact and will be punished and judged adversely by the algorithm. A good mix of backlinks or links with stop words is also important. Other factors include the keyword domains, short titles with keywords and unique content. Interestingly, well-known brands enjoy an exceptional position in Google.

Since high-quality written content attracts a lot of users to websites, make sure that the text isn’t chumming up with readers. Each product can be described in a way that the added value for the customer is obvious. Short texts in an interesting content will be read with pleasure - and even links that lead to the competition could be reasonably useful.

Those who provide added value are rewarded in the end

Google is rewarding all website that bring added value to the readers, be it a text, video, podcast or a graphic that makes the benefits of the product clearer. Of course, products are offered best in the appropriate environment, making advertising on websites in the vicinity of the target group most useful. A good text which appears on the first pages in the Google ranking is then just a nice side effect.

The content marketing procedure is actually very similar to traditional journalism. First, the target audience has to be defined and their websites be determined, which explains why bloggers are often contacted and influencers help with the research and of course it makes sense to advertise only in a topic-relevant environment, because only there prospects can be reached in a fast and efficient way.

Content marketing and blogs are important in the fight for the attention of customers, and if companies are able to present themselves as experts and thought leaders in their specific field of expertise, this will have positive side effects.

Always keep in mind that only extraordinary content will win over an extraordinary audience.

By Daniela La Marca