The_FutureOnline video ad revenue is expected to double in the next two years and video ad views are set to explode. Quite obviously, video marketing is gaining popularity since it offers the richness of TV and the analytics of digital. In fact, video ads provide a level of visual and narrative richness that nearly equals television, while offering all the advantages of digital, including advanced targeting, tracking, and increasingly, automated buying of video ad units.

Not to mention that online video ads are significantly more expensive than other formats, but prices are steadily declining as more publishers rush into video, and placements open up, since they guarantee an average click-through rate (CTR) of almost 2%, the highest click-through rate of all digital ad formats. Besides that, relevant data proves that a video increases the dwell time of a potential customer on a website by multiple times, as the experience of seeing/hearing literally provides an emotionally appealing presentation. Even complex products or services can be easily clarified in an entertaining way with the help of modern video technology.

Motion pictures simply seem to be much stronger than static pages with words and pictures: People with their own language, gestures and facial expressions create closeness and trust - and all these aspects can significantly contribute to a positive buying decision.

Possible applications and opportunities of video marketing

Today’s customers usually inform themselves via the Internet before they buy something and often have pretty clear purchase intentions. Therefore there is a tremendously large potential for this communication tool as it is useful wherever advice is needed. Especially the consumer goods industry can benefit from video ads immensely, but the banking, insurance, or service provider sector as well.

Therefore, tackle video marketing holistically to choose the video format that suits you best and is appreciated in public accordingly. In principle the following questions must be answered: What do I want to achieve with my video? Which customers do I want to address? What is the market and are my competitors doing?

A promotional video, for instance, a short video of about 90 seconds in length in Web TV format, could portray your company perfectly, be placed on your own web pages or used for online platforms and mailings etc. A video format with a length of maximum 3 minutes on the other hand is particularly useful when you want to publish news about your company on a regular basis.

The technology seems daunting, but don’t fret

Although video webpages mean a lot of technology, they are worth the effort: viewers can experience products in full-screen, which pays back all the invested time and money quickly for the company. This format provides a tremendous amount of space that can be designed with creative ideas and technical refinements. A video webpage can replace a "classic" website or just be an add-on. It is the perfect tool that helps a company emphasizing highlights, such as presenting new product areas, exhibitions at fairs, or to initiate interactive discussions.

With such a novel performance a company could stand out as being refreshingly innovative from the static pages of the competitors. Besides that, the videos can be used for a variety of activities, such as press portals and online platforms, in order to win over customers. Websites can be integrated into the Web 2.0, get tracked and make it to the top in the ranking of video portals.

Thus, video content will play a key role in online communications in the coming years. More and more search queries already allow video transmission, and the new LTE technology in the mobile space ensures a strong increase in video consumption on mobile devices. And since the permanent availability of the Internet via smartphone and tablet is becoming the norm, just as the consumption of online video in your own home, made possible by the new IPTV -enabled television, we can look forward to an eventful future!

By Daniela La Marca