lamplightLamplight Analytics announced the launch of its new social intelligence platform that gives marketers, strategists and business leaders more insights into Asian audiences through social and traditional media sources. In fact, Lamplight Analytics is the first globally competitive social intelligence platform to focus on Asian languages and Asian social networking services.

According to Lamplight Analytics, Western companies are increasingly seeking access to market intelligence in Asia. Many have previously found it difficult to conduct Asian market research, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on the task, but finally there is a solution. Lamplight simplifies this task by using leading edge, natural language processing to understand the conversations that matter. This context-aware language capability is seamlessly integrated into the Lamplight tool user experience.

Lamplight data can be further broken down into the myriad of different categories, such as location, language, sentiment, and gender, to make insights even more accurate. With data licensed from over 20 million different sources, including Facebook, Weibo, local forums, Twitter, blogs, frequent flyer forums and many other "hidden gem" data sources, Lamplight is committed to its promise to be the best social intelligence solution in Asia. It can be used by marketers, strategists and business leaders in in numerous ways to create insight, including: market entry studies, measuring marketing campaign performance, reputation management, crisis management, competitor benchmarking and analyzing consumer gaps. Lamplight's Asian language processing technology analyzes billions of online conversations from social media sources to give marketers, strategists and business leaders’ brighter insights into their audience, enabling smarter commercial decisions.

Industry applications and use cases are endless: Music companies can now discover where best to play shows, marketing agencies can monitor campaign effectiveness and brands can quickly decide which channels and influencers will provide the best ROI. Actors, athletes and performers can use Lamplight to justify their valuation as a brand asset and sponsorship to command higher pay packets in Asia.

"We were established in the East to provide social data analytics in local vernacular languages. With capabilities in English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian Bahasa and Indonesian Bahasa, we construct searches that extract the most relevant content from each region. We are definitely listening with a local ear," said Sam Olsen , CEO at Lamplight Analytics.

"The global market for social data analytics is now valued at US$ 620m, growing at over 35% a year. Asia is expected to be second only to North America in terms of social data analytics market size by the end of this decade”, he added, concluding, that they were the best platform that companies can use to tap into this growing market.

By MediaBUZZ