popularchipThe Social Media Analytics platform Popular Chips Insights allows to monitor influencers and competitors on Instagram and gives marketers unique demographics data.

In fact, Popular Chips' “Insights" is able to analyze in-depth data to predict any campaign's return-on-investment by getting detailed demographics on age, gender and country, and helps marketing managers gain a comprehensive picture of their accounts, ambassadors, prospective influencers and competitors. The social media advertising agency based in Singapore and specialized in finding social media stars (aka popular chips) who have the power to promote brands and products by influencing thousands of people's opinions in a matter of minutes.

Last year, 84% of marketing managers had planned on influencer marketing campaigns in order to increase their brand awareness and overtake the growing ad-blocking problem. Nevertheless, most brands still invest without analyzing critically important metrics, such as the country of origin, gender and age distribution of the audience, or influencer’s audience inactivity and presence of fake followers.

"Until recently, most brands did not know the real value of an influencer and they paid an arbitrary amount of money to get unpredictable results. With 'Insights', we give brands a way to understand exactly what returns their investment will bring and the tools to find the best influencers and ambassadors for their campaigns." says Andrea Olivato, Head of Operations of Popular Chips.

The platform is the world's first that provides detailed demographics and activity data. It is backed up by 12-months of historical data on followers, likes, comments and quality scores. With advanced reports on any influencers’ audience it takes only a minute to understand what percentage of their audience is fake or inactive.

"Insights" features intelligent and comprehensive reports to allow marketing managers to optimize sponsored posts' performance and activity. The platform can advise on the best day of the week and even the best time of the day to publish a sponsored post to gain the most organic engagement.

With detailed demographics of any influencers' audience, it is easier to decide on whom to hire, since "Insights" breaks down the audience by country, age and gender. With this information, marketers can clearly choose to invest in accounts with the right audience fit.

There is also an “Influencer Search Engine” allowing marketing managers to perform an advanced search of worldwide influencers selecting parameters like: presence of followers in a given country, interaction rate, average number of likes, predominant age and gender. A research that could take weeks for a social media team can now be carried out in a couple of minutes.

"In Singapore, we estimate there are up to 500 influencers (with 10,000 followers or more) - due to poor competition, their prices for sponsored posts are on average 30% higher than other countries. Our tool will standardize these fees, locally and worldwide, by basing them on real performance analysis and rewarding true influencers" says Sabrina Stefani, Art Director of Popular Chips.

Beyond these top functions, there is a wealth of data available on Instagram, influencers and followers that "Insights" can analyze to provide users with better strategies. Savvy marketers can also mirror top posts, monitor interactions of influencers to prevent cross marketing with a competitor, and even know how active any influencers' followers' followers are

Popular Chips is offering a free trial of its "Insights" platform to all marketers. To measure past and future campaigns, please email info@popularchips.com

For influencers, to take advantage of this powerful tool to see how they measure up, please visit https://popularchips.com/insights

By MediaBUZZ