4wirecardWirecard Asia provides regional and international merchants with a wide variety of payment processing and fraud management solutions. Catering to the specific needs of regional merchants across a broad spectrum of industries, Wirecard is connected to more than 50 financial institutions and local payment schemes in Asia. Headquartered in Singapore, Wirecard Asia also operates an office in Malaysia, providing local customer service and sales support. The regional team consists of experienced industry sector specialists and is committed to helping merchants realize opportunities for growth in Asia's dynamic business environment.

With QPAY, Wirecard group offers an optimized web based solution for the payment pages of online shops. The web-based application fulfills the most stringent requirements concerning flexibility, range of features and security aspects. QPAY enables easy integration, an individually customizable layout, plugins for many shop systems and a maximum of data security.

The payment process is intuitive for the consumer, thus ensuring a very low rate of cancelled purchases. All payments pass through proven risk management checks and are processed exclusively online and in real-time.

The payment page can be used without installing software and without needing an SSL certificate. It is structured to be scalable according to the modular principle and its basic license already offers a large combination of various payment means, e.g.: giropay, eps online payment, Ideal, Paypal, Cashticket, paysafecard, paybox and @Quick.

QPAY provides a unique order number for each transaction, a free order/transaction description per payment, is available for many languages and currencies, and provides maximum security through data storage at Wirecard.

The following plugins for shop systems are available for QPAY:

  • osCommerce;
  • xt:Commerce 3 und 4;
  • Magento;
  • OXID eSales 3 und 4;
  • ePages 5 und 6;
  • Cosmo Shop;
  • Xanario;
  • VirtueMart (Joomla);
  • tt_products (TYPO3);
  • commercetools ON Demand GRID;
  • Mondo Media;
  • WebMart.

The QPAY payment process is intuitively built with consumers in mind and therefore guarantees the lowest rates for the cancellation of purchases. You and your customer will receive an immediate response on the progress of your payment.

Without doubts credit and debit cards have become indispensable for online retail, however, card-based payments also mean high requirements in efficiency, data security and system availability. As a leading provider of integrated concepts for electronic payments, Wirecard group offers full service of the highest standard, also in credit card processing. Wirecard works together with all reputable credit card organizations worldwide, as well as numerous acquirers. The company offers merchants from around the globe efficient access via a standardized interface to a system that is notable for its payment processing and extensive fraud protection. Based on the latest security standards, this platform fulfills all requirements imposed by the credit card organizations including PCI certification, and supports the processing of additional industry-specific data, such as the airline, hotel and car rental industries.

The Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) makes Europe-wide direct debit payments simpler, quicker, and more secure, besides making it possible for Asian companies to tap into new revenue opportunities in markets in which credit cards will not suffice as the sole payment method or in which there are multiple country-specific payment procedures. SEPA’s direct debit procedure offers a standardized national and international payment method within Europe. A uniform legal framework and a standardized Europe-wide procedure for SEPA payments make it possible to make cost-effective and secure payments.

SEPA transfers make domestic and cross-border payments as well as cost-efficient refunds in the case of returned goods possible. Consumers can also use the SEPA credit transfer in a standardized and quick fashion when paying for goods ordered on account.

With giropay, iDEAL, eps, and sofortüberweisung.de, Wirecard group offers online wire transfer methods that purchasers with an online banking-enabled bank account can use to make fast and simple online payments:

  • giropay is an established payment procedure for online buyers with a German online bank account from any of the numerous participating giropay banks.
  • iDEAL: Wirecard offers an online payment procedure that is currently the most popular distance selling payment method in the Netherlands.
  • eps online wire transfer is the simple and secure payment method used by Austrian banks for online purchases.
  • sofortüberweisung.de uses banks’ established online banking systems and currently acts as a data intermediary between retailers and consumers’ online banking systems in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, and England.

With the payment methods PayPal, Cash-Ticket, and paysafecard, Wirecard group offers alternative payment procedures that focus on the protection of personal data and cost control. Unlike classic payment procedures, these work on a prepaid basis:

  • PayPall is an online payment service that retailers in 190 countries throughout the world can use to conveniently receive payments and customers can use to make hassle-free payments via their PayPal private customer accounts in just two clicks.
  • Cash-Ticket is the name given to prepaid vouchers that customers can purchase from over 150,000 retail outlets throughout Europe and then use to make online purchases in more than 15 European countries by entering their voucher number.
  • Similarly to Cash-Ticket, paysafecard works on a prepaid basis and is available from more than 300,000 retail outlets. Again, customers simply need to enter their card number and confirm the payment with a PIN.

Wirecard groups risk management protects merchants against financial losses brought about by fraudulent activities while at the same time maximizing sales. The anonymity of the Internet appeals to criminals. Identity theft and payment fraud have increased drastically in recent years. Many merchants limit the payment options they provide to customers in an attempt to reduce risks. However, fewer payment methods also mean lower sales. Wirecard groups risk management systems provide effective protection against fraud and default when using the established payment options. This way sales potential can be fully exploited with minimum risk.

The Wirecard risk management ensures the greatest possible security for all established payment options. Individually customized and merchant-specific checking methods determine in real-time whether payments are to be accepted or rejected. Fully-automated and modular processes can be adjusted to the respective requirements of merchants quickly, effectively and individually. This means powerful protection by detecting fraud before it can cause damage.

Wirecard Asia Pte Ltd, the full-service provider of products and services for electronic payments in Asia, provides global coverage for international merchants, major Asian payment solutions, including Unionpay and Alipay, with strong international fraud management capabilities, own financial institutions in Europe and a best-in-class technology platform. (Source: www.wirecard.com/asia)

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