seo-search-engine-optimization-368x270As our readers will have noticed by now, Asian e-Marketing loves to support open source projects, and therefore we introduce you to an award winning open source control panel for managing search engine optimization (SEO). The free software includes SEO tools that increase and track the performance of websites and has been the 1st Runner Up in 2011 Open Source Awards as “Most Promising Open Source Project”. Most impressive is its upgradeability, as SEO plug-ins can be easily developed and installed.

The major features of this software are:

Automatic Directory Submission Tool: Websites can be submitted to major free and paid internet directories and the submission can be tracked with the submission status checker script. The directory manager tool identifies whether a directory is active or not.

Keyword Position Check: The search engine position of targeted keywords of your website can be identified and the information saved easily. Keyword position reports depict daily keyword positions in different search engines - in graphs and detailed reports.

Site Auditor: All SEO factors per page of a site are audit with detailed reports and XML, HTML, TEXT sitemap files are created for submission to search engines.

Google and Alexa Ranking Check: the Google page ranking and Alexa ranking of a site is displayed and the data saved. Ranking reports show the daily Google and Alexa ranking of each website in detailed reports.

Backlinks Check: The number of backlinks to websites in different search engines is located and the data saved. Detailed backlink reports provide a daily backlinks count of each website.

Search Engine Saturation Checks identify indexed pages of a websites for different search engines and saves the data. Search engine saturation reports provide details on the number of indexed pages for each site.

SEO Panel Plug-ins: A major feature of the SEO control panel is its upgradeability. SEO plug-ins can be provided by both SEO panel and third party sites, extending features according to individual requirement. Companies can also easily develop their own SEO plug-ins and submit them to the SEO panel that publishes them after a review. Available plug-ins are:

Link Diagnosis that provides a detailed report about a company’s own backlinks and enables tracking the backlinks of competitors;

Local Search Engines Package for Google, Yahoo and Bing, for instance, can be added to the SEO Panel Keyword Position Check;

Directory Importer Plug-in helps to import a company‘s own directories into the SEO panel with a simple and easy to use interface, comprising 5500 active multi-language directories;

Free, active and verified internet directory packages can be easily added to the SEO Panel directory submission tool;

Blog Commenter Plug-in for automatic submission of comments to blogs by using appropriate search keywords;

Yandex Search Engine Package can be added to the SEO Panel Keyword Position Check, enabling tracking of keywords by the most popular search engine in Russia;

• Send and manage newsletters to subscribers as well as track the number of readers.

Proxy Server Feature can be added to the SEO panel and reports can be generated, reducing the load of a main site.

Multi Language Support is available so that users can set their native language for their session. Currently, the SEO panel supports 27 languages.

Print and Export Reports made easy with the SEO panel. The data can be saved for future us, too.

Keywords can be imported from other software via simple keyword import interface.

Meta Tag Generator: A plug-in for creating custom meta-tags provides more information about a website to search engine bots while they “crawl” the website.

If you‘re considering getting started in SEO optimization, take the time to compare this open source solution to other options on the market. The Indian open source software presented above has been released in 2010 and seems to become more and more popular.

By Anjum Siddiqi