twt-firstspiritThe full service internet agency TWT Interactive developed an exclusive module for the content management system FirstSpirit™ which allows Google search within the enterprise web sites and the intranet.

The Google search appliance (GSA) connects directly with the content deployment process of FirstSpirit™, enabling almost real time updating of the GSA search index. Besides, a constantly updated data is speeding up processes for employees and web visitors looking for information.

An enterprise search engine needs to be highly effective in terms of the search procedure updated data. The perfect integration of the TWT GSA module into FirstSpirit™ helps the enterprise make use of its content potential.

Quantity doesn‘t imply quality

Bigger companies usually prefer Google quality enterprise search for digital search processes, since everyone is familiar with Google, due to the unrivalled ease of use. TWT‘s Google Search Appliance (GSA) makes all content accessible with one single search field, including data and user rights. This enables accessing information within an enterprise much faster than before, providing a tool which increases productivity.

Distinct benefits for content manager

The GSA module comprises of two components; first a library, which is integrated into the order management system, that sends all content to the search appliance, and a component which enables the integration of the GSA search results into the FirstSpirit™ content management system.

With the direct integration into the order management system, all changes appear in the GSA index in real time. All meta data of a document from the content managements system (CMS) can thus be automatically decoded and classified, making it unnecessary to access this data via a HTML page. It is also possible to personalize search results, pre- define user rights and to influence the scalability of high traffic web sites. The open architecture allows further integration of other systems, e.g. the Microsoft business platform Sharepoint, CRM salesforce, Fileserver, Lotus Notes and more.

By Anjum Siddiqi