4googleMarketers and advertisers are aware of the power of images and how they impact the viewer before he or she is able to make a conscious decision to look closer or not.

A few days ago Google announced the beta launch of image extensions, which will allow advertisers to add new visual elements to search ads. Of the many extensions Google has added to search ads to increase relevancy, this one might just be the one with the greatest impact on the searcher - due to the power of visuals.

Image extensions enable a more accurate visual message, e.g. conveying the body style of a car, the cut of a pair of jeans, or a particular shade of eye shadow, making ads richer and more informative so they stand out in a crowded marketplace.

This is what a new AdWords ad could look like now:


As the web evolves, Google users expect richer and more diverse content. More than one in six searches on Google today provides results with visual content. Image extensions will only show in some cases when Google determines that a search is suitable for visual content. For example, it is more likely that your image extensions will show for a query like luxury car designs than locations of nearby car dealerships.

You can choose the images that you want displayed with your search ads and send them to Google for review. Of course, you must have the necessary rights to the images you wish to display.

Google encourages advertisers to start submitting images as they continue to experiment with and improve the new visual ad formats. Image extensions are currently running in English globally. If you are interested in participating in the image extensions beta, go to their website and fill out the form.

By Anjum Siddiqi