SocialSocial Video Lab, an innovative social video marketing firm, announced the launch of its video content marketing services to focus on creating branded and amplified video content for marketers.

Specialized in short-films production, video adaption and content amplification, the company works with some top brands and their agencies to create impactful video content marketing campaigns.

Since brand and audience conversations are getting more intense in today’s social media driven marketing industry, conversation is king and content is the way to achieve results, Social Video Lab states. And we cannot agree more that branded content presents marketers with the best opportunity to leverage social conversation and convert it in their favour, besides bridging the gap that way between social marketing, public relations and sales.

Today’s consumers are facing more conversation requests from brands, leading to a higher level of advertising fatigue. In display advertising, they have learnt to instinctively screen off what they see as "ADS". This is the same for "video ads" such as pre-roll video advertising. As a result, advertising patterns have changed rapidly, especially with the rise of short-form and long-form video content being produced and shared over the last two years in Asia itself.

For example, the statistics from the social indicators stated 70% of the total population in Singapore is socially active online, with an average time spent each day to be 2 hours 10 minutes. 49% of the mobile users in Singapore used social media applications on their phones. As such, marketers require a high volume platform that will help to keep up with the ever-increasing demand to create and distribute content.

Visual infographic that features the effectiveness and rise of video as a marketing and communication tool for marketers.

Therefore, it is a pivotal moment for Social Video Lab to move in tandem with the marketer’s demand. The company’s video content platform allows marketers to produce, distribute and measure end-to-end social marketing campaigns across the online and mobile marketplace.

“It is essential for marketers to have marketing strategy around social video content to gain marketplace attention and increase customer’s engagement and loyalty”, said Mr Kenniess Wong, co-founder of Social Video Lab. “Experts strongly believe that video content marketing is more effective than advertising for driving sales, however, content marketing will not be replaced with paid advertising. Social media and brand marketing should be integrated into the video content marketing strategy as it is a great way to communicate and drive traffic. Consistently producing entertaining or informative quality video content is likely to have more impact on the audience”, he added.

In Singapore, brands are extremely active online and engage consumers well. About 82% of respondents have followed at least a brand on social media and video advertising saw the greatest increase in spending among all digital advertisement formats.

So, it’ s good to know that Social Video Lab connects businesses and consumers through an effective video marketing content platform and ensures the best of breed thinking and execution for their clients via their video platform that encompass the following benefits:

  • High quality, scalable and cost-effective content production: Story-rich, brand-inspired, genuine content is produced at a more affordable price than traditional TVCs.
  • Ability to predict which content has the most potential to get shared: Maximizes the impact of the content marketing strategy by tracking the video content performance across all online and mobile marketplaces.
  • Comprehensive paid distribution strategy, with real-time tracking: Provides instant information on the ROI of paid and earned media.

Of course, social video content marketing needs to constantly drive the freshness and the variety of the content to resonate in different markets locally and internationally to keep a brand ‘always hot’. The more a data-driven approach to content creation and distribution is a must-have for brands that want repeatable and scalable success with social video and want to maximise their ROI.

By Daniela La Marca