editDivergent Media recently launched its new tool, EditReady, a professional video transcoding app that provides fast and easy media transcoding for modern video workflows. The company proved once again to be focused on providing simple, powerful tools for video professionals. With ScopeBox, the company managed to represent a paradigm shift in video analysis and its industry leading rewrap tool, ClipWrap, has become a critical component of any Mac HDV and AVCHD workflow. Now the company built EditReady which sets the new standard for video transcoding performance and simplicity for professional workflows and cameras formats, besides helping to get from set to suite faster than ever.

Divergent Media CEO, Mike Woodworth, said: “We think of EditReady as the bridge between production and post-production. More and more cameras shoot straight to QuickTime movies, and we wanted a tool for editors to prepare that footage before dropping it into their post workflows. By helping users easily get all their footage into a common mezzanine format like ProRes or DNxHD, we hope to lessen the headaches during the later stages of editing”.

The company’s newest tool has staggering features, such as:

Speed: EditReady leverages hardware accelerated decode and OpenCL to make it the fastest transcoder on the market. It is as much as 10x faster than competing transcoders.

Simplicity: Featuring a clean and simple UI, EditReady makes the complicated work of building transcode batches fast and friendly. It is designed help you get from set to suite as fast as possible.

Metadata: EditReady’s metadata editor lets users view and edit all of the camera and editor metadata associated with a video file. Quickly clean up batches of files, rename clips for edit or add custom data fields.

Batches: Convert multiple batches of files with pre-made presets to create efficient workflows. Quickly transcode footage for web screeners, ProRes editing, or bake in LUTs for dailies.  All this can be done through the simple user interface, or through a command line interface for power users.

EditReady is the first transcoding tool designed specifically for 21st century post-production workflows, while still allowing users to extract value from their legacy source footage.  From cell phones and GoPros to dSLRs and Alexa, EditReady is designed for today’s modern media and a strong roadmap for the future means it’ll keep up with the rapid pace of media innovation.

For more information, please visit: http://www.divergentmedia.com/editready.

By MediaBUZZ