4wondershareIdentity theft is on the rise as more people are using their iPhones for online shopping, making payments and even banking. Often times, identity theft can be traced to information recovered from mobile phones. When disposing of an old iPhone, many users will simply use iTunes to do a "restore" on the iPhone with the belief this erases everything, but the truth is in many cases personal data can still be retrieved using sophisticated data recovery technologies used by criminals.

The innovative software developer Wondershare, an IDG invested company, however, is dedicated to delivering the very best in software products and services to the worldwide consumer and business market segments.

Wondershare's new SafeEraser gives users peace of mind by ensuring permanent removal of all personal information. It is a simple yet effective Windows application, which permanently deletes all personal information by physically over-writing the iPhone's memory with random data and restores the iPhone to original factory setting, while ensuring safety of the system and the device. Afterwards, there'll be no other data recovery tools that can recover any personal data from the device. Users can select fast 1-pass overwriting which overwrites the memory blocks 1-time, medium strength 2-pass overwriting, or maximum strength 3-pass overwriting.


Take a deeper dive on Wondershare SafeEraser's features:

  • Permanent 100% data deletion with zero chance of recovery by hackers and identity thieves. Wipes out user names, passwords, photos, text messages, emails, call history…in a nutshell, everything stored on the iPhone;
  • Works with all iPhone models running iOS version 5.0 and higher. Also works on all models of iPad and iPod Touch. Works on iPhones that have been jail-broken as well;
  • 3 modes for secure erasure: 1-pass (fastest, but least secure), 2-pass (slower but smarter deletion, other's won't know your phone was erased), and 3-pass which meets the US military standard for data destruction;
  • Option for erasing an entire iPhone or just shred the free-space on the phone, a good safeguard to make sure deleted content stays deleted without having to wipe out the entire phone.

Wondershare SafeEraser is the ideal iDevice "erase" application designed to permanently wipe all personal information from the device using US Military spec over-writing technology to render the data unrecoverable; returning the device to a “clean slate” state before you resell, donate or trade it in. For more information about Wondershare and its products, please visit http://www.wondershare.com

By MediaBUZZ