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       Automation and AI will make

       significant inroads in Asia

       IDC Financial Insights continues its series of reports on   “RPA and intelligent automation will play a pivotal role
       automation  and  artificial  intelligence  (AI)  in  financial   in addressing business problems and goals in 2020. A
       services  in  IDC  Perspective:  Six  Capabilities  from   new  focus  will  be  apparent  among  financial  services
       Leading  RPA  Service  Providers  That  Advance     institutions  to  derive  unprecedented  value  for  the
       Financial  Services  Institutions  Toward  Intelligent   business,  customers,  and  employees  through  a
       Automation.  The  report  looks  at  robotic  process   combination  of  automation  and  AI,  thus  improving
       automation  (RPA)  and  how  the  proposition  around  it   operational  efficiencies,  reducing  costs,  driving
       has  steadily  moved  toward  intelligent  automation  and   business  growth,  enhancing  customer  and  employee
       leveraging an intelligent digital workforce.        engagement,  and  delivering  contextual  customer
                                                           experience,”  says  Sneha  Kapoor,  Research  Manager
       By  2022,  IDC  Financial  Insights  expects  that  75%  of   at IDC Financial Insights Asia Pacific.
       Tier-1  Asia  Pacific  banks  and  insurance  companies,
       meaning  financial  service  institutions  with  more  than   Important highlights from the report include:
       US$10  billion  in  assets  size,  will  deploy  intelligent
       automation solutions at scale for increased automation,   •  IDC  Financial  Insights  indicates  that  institutions
       intelligent  decision  making,  and  improved  operational   which  choose  an  intelligent  automation  service
       efficiencies to achieve exceptional business value and   provider  based  on  the  below-listed  abilities,
       deliver  a  more  real-time  and  contextual  customer   typically achieve m favorable and long-term results
       experience.  Furthermore,  IDC  predicts  that  intelligent   from  their  automation  deployments.  The  identified
       automation  solutions  will  significantly  accelerate  how   capabilities are: ability to deliver desired business
       cognitive/AI technologies are consumed within financial   outcomes;  process  identification  and  optimization;
       services.                                               ability  to  deliver  enterprise  wide  scale;  security,

       9                                                       February 2020: Automation & AI: accelerator in digital marketing
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