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             A look back: The most important social media

             trends of 2018

            2018  was  a  huge  year  for  social  media,  with  many  which organic content will resonate with your audience
            changes  to  navigate  including  privacy  scandals,  a  new  on Facebook is key. By posting highly relevant content,
            algorithm  at  Facebook,  the  impact  of  influencer  brands regain engagement and get love from Facebook
            marketing,  and  the  rise  of  Instagram.  Social  media  users, even with the overall decline.
            marketers  found  themselves  having  to  aim  for  targets
            that were not only moving but morphing into new entities   The dramatic rise of Instagram and Stories
            altogether.  For  brands  that  need  to  reach  more
            consumers and raise brand awareness on social media,   Perhaps the biggest story of 2018 is the rise of Stories.
            here are the biggest trends from 2018.               These  have  helped  drive  a  growing  transfer  of  social
                                                                 media marketing initiatives.
            Facebook’s  decline  of  organic  content’s
            engagement                                           This  year,  Instagram  hit  significant  milestones,
                                                                 dethroning  Snapchat  as  the  most-used  social  media
            Examining the metrics for engagement on the Facebook  platform  among  teens.  The  volume  of  brands  posting
            app,  an  undeniable  trend  is  the  steady  decline  of  Instagram  Stories  also  increased  by  400  per  cent  in
            engagement  and  reach  for  Facebook  organic  content.  2018. Instagram began with a feed similar to Facebook
            Some believe this may be tied to the introduction of the  but the introduction of Stories to Instagram changed all
            new  algorithm  at  the  beginning  of  the  year.  But  our  that,  increasing  engagement  with  users  and  attracting
            numbers  show  that  the  decline  of  engagement  with  the attention of brand advertisers. Although Instagram
            organic Facebook content began months before the new  posts  still  garner  more  impressions  than  Instagram
            algorithm was introduced. In just over a year, audiences  Stories, the trend is clear. Stories are the new stars of
            have  shifted  away  from  engaging  with  this  type  of  social media, and  you can expect to see a continuing
            content.                                             uplift in impressions and engagement with them in the
                                                                 year ahead.
            However,  if  your  audience  is  still  mainly  on  Facebook,
            you  should  keep  posting  relevant  content  at  high  Even with all the new attention, brands are still moving
            volume.  With  the  decline  in  engagement,  and  the  new  slowly  to  catch  up  with  this  trend.  We  still  see  many
            algorithm that punishes spam, the ability  to understand  brands  investing  most  heavily  in  traditional  Facebook

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