Wednesday Nov 14th

Lazada pledges to cultivate and sustain a prosperous eCommerce ecosystem in SEA
Considering that digitization was still smiled at a few years ago, two-thirds of retailers look at it today as an opportunity to thrive, aware of the fact that shop systems will be much more than just additional distribution channels in the future. The boundaries between online, offline and mobile w ...
Fraud in e-commerce
There is hardly an online shop that has not fallen for at least one of the fancy tricks of a cheater’s line and suffered consequently financial loss. One way to reliably detect fraud is classic identification. This helps online shops to distinguish real people with honest buying and paying int ...
Ménage à trois of digital + retail + innovation turns out to be difficult
As many reports reveal, the festive e-commerce market in Southeast Asia is worth billions of dollars, rewarding those brands willing to digitally reinvent themselves constantly and matching consumer demands and expectations steadily. Or as Meltwater describes it in one of their recent reports, &ldqu ...
Leading tourism websites localize their sites in at least 18 languages to assure success
The online translation agency One Hour Translation (OHT) revealed in a study that the world’s leading online tourism companies work extremely hard to expand their offerings to emerging markets in the former Soviet bloc, as well as Middle Eastern and East Asian countries.
Meltwater’s tips on how to supercharge holiday sales through social media
A new report from Meltwater, titled E-commerce in SEA: Supercharging Holiday Sales Through Social Media, analyzed consumer sentiment during the year-end shopping period last year to help ecommerce companies better reach their audiences.
User engagement is the key to sustainable ROI in email marketing
The availability of detailed real-time metrics is part of online marketing’s DNA. Email marketing is no exception. Suitable key performance indicators (KPIs) are as always essential tools for evaluating, controlling and optimizing the various online marketing channels.
TrueCommerce Engage POS system now available in the Square App Marketplace
TrueCommerce, a global provider of trading partner connectivity, integration and unified commerce solutions, just announced that its TrueCommerce Engage Point of Sale (POS) system is now available on the Square App Marketplace.
Appointments & Announcements
    MediaMath announced the release of the Guaranteed Viewable Market, which offers impression-level verification powered by MediaMath’s enterprise identity solution, delivering exclusive access to 100% viewable, 100% fraud free media.
Criteo predicts record-breaking sales on both Singles’ Day and 12/12 in SEA
Especially online, sales are increasing, and the buying power of consumers is trending high, making an impressive digital presence the more crucial for any e-commerce companies.



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