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4 - 5
Mumbai, India


Join us in our new initiative called “ENTERPRISE MOBILITYSUMMIT”, 4th & 5th October 2018, Mumbai, India,  to find out how the time spent on the gadgets can be channelized to drive your business forward by using “MOBILE WORKFORCE”. The summit will stand apart from any other events by bringing spotlight on PRACTICAL APPROACHES to help you INTELLIGENTLY PRIORITIZE your requirements and rolling out solutions for processes and services that need it most and prevent your ROUTE TO DISASTER. The summit will also throw light on importance of SYNERGY BETWEEN VARIOUS DEPARTMENTS to reap the desired ROI. Gather with us on the platform to find a solution that MATCHES AND also MULTIPLIES with Your NEEDS.

EVENT HIGHLIGHTS (what to expect EM India 2018):

  • EM Models - Innovate, accelerate and discover how software will work to provide you services that can boost enterprise efficiency, flexibility and increase agility. Realize what exactly to choose- SaaS or on-premise deployment model.
  • EM Types - Learn various EM components like BYOD, COPE and BYOA to understand how to cut down on your operational cost.
  • EM apps - Understanding the scope, True Cost and Types of Applications to amplify UI and UX
  • End user accountability - Determine how EM technologies like MAM, UEM, EMM etc will boost employee productivity whilst maintaining “Their and your privacy”.  
  • Tech Turbulence - How EM and other technologies like Machine Learning, IoT, Cloud, Chat bots, altogether will drive your business forward?
  • Customer satisfaction and behavior - Determine Analytics and Real time data control consequence on Long term growth and brand reputation and strategize your enterprise decision
  • Business use justification - Acquire agile enterprise by sourcing solution that are not too big for your company’s boots and thus proactively tackle churns and turns
  • Path towards success - Make your routes strong do your GROUNDWORK- Identify the major pitfalls and reason of failure of an EM Solutions
  • Workplace demographic - Hear how maintaining synergy between various departments in the Tech Turbulence Time will help you impel superlative ROI and improve operational efficiency
  • Seal Security Loopholes - Determining Key Internal and external Threat and solutions to Control your Entire Device Ecosystem at once by using solutions like Unified end point management, Network access control etc

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9 - 10 
New World Millennium Hotel. Hong Kong

REIMAGINING RETAIL “Game plan for futuristic retail”

Asia Pacific is embracing the digital transformation and seizing it to the fullest. The retail industry is not being left behind this wave. The transformation was prompted by the exciting development of new technology such as Artificial Intelligent, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Big Data, and e-Commerce.

The services industry in Hong Kong contributed to more than 90% of its Gross Domestic Product in 2017, retail being one of it. The concept of New Retail from its neighbouring country shakes the core of traditional retail. The rise the disruptions has become the factor to the need to transform retail.

Reimagining Retail by Zenith Bizness Excellence embraces those disruptions in order to squeeze out the best strategic plans in moving forward towards futuristic retails. Do not miss this opportunity to be a part of transformation leaders that could change the shape of retail forever!


15 - 16 

400+Attendees; 50+speakers; 50+Medias; 20+partners

The Series of Supply Chain Events Turn out to Be a Great Success in the Past Years in Asia Pacific Region. With the resounding success of Supply Chain 

Innovation Summit 2018 China Focus this Year, Supply Chain Innovation Summit 2018 (SCAP2018) this edition will combine the Supply Chain Digitalization Forum and Customer Experience Forum together to discover the shape of future supply chain landscape at the Global Prospective Background from the Point of View as Supply Chain Professional, we are also keeping up on Exploring the true competitiveness of Future Supply Chain at the aspects of Sustainability-Driven and Ecommerce-Driven.

Running now at the 7th Edition, Supply Chain Innovation Summit has become a landmark & must attend event for the supply chain professional who are doing and planning to do business in ACPC.As one of the Series of Supply Chain created by Ace Events in Asia region, we are continually keeping our Philosophy: Designed from and for the supply chain officers and their leadership teams.Join us, and let's discuss strategies, development, innovation and collaboration opportunities.

20 - 21
Le Royal Meridien
Shanghai, China
3rd Annual Customer Experience China Summit 2018

Returning for a 3rd year, the annual Customer Experience (CX) Management China Summit is the only event in China focusing on how organisations can design, implement and deliver best-in-class CX strategies to engage next-generation consumers and unlock business value. The key themes to be discussed this year include Demonstrating the Real ROI of CX in China, Understanding Your Customers, Customer Experience Innovation, Driving Customer Centricity in Your Organisation, Omni Channel Management, and Shaping Brand Experience.

Join senior leaders across industries in China this November and find out how you can embed and operationalise CX as a strategic business tool in your organisation.

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25 - 27 
Al Khobar,
Saudi Arabia

The "4th GCC Operational Technology Security Forum and Industrial cyber Security Workshop” which will be held on 25th - 29th November, 2018 in Al Khobar- Saudi Arabia , in association with ISA – Saudi Chapter. The theme of the event will be “Building a Resilient ICS Infrastructure”. The event consists of a 3 day workshop from 25th to 27th November 2018 followed by a two day conference on 28th and 29th of November 2018.

The GCC region in the past has seen some of the worst cyber-attacks globally, and this will definitely not be the last! The situation creates a huge responsibility on us as ICS professionals to ensure the safety and security of these critical assets to ensure the safety of human lives, the environment and the economy of the country.

With this objective in mind, we present the 4th GCC Operational Technology Security Forum, The forum will provide an excellent platform for the industry peers to network and exchange notes with each other. It is a springboard for young emerging professionals in the industry to hear and learn from the distilled experience of seasoned experts and industry professionals across the Middle East region. A highly recommended event for professional from IT, IT Security, OT Security, Instrumentation, Plant Operations and Security, ICS and Risks teams to get abreast on the latest threats, trends and technology regarding the Operational Technology (ICS) Security.

On behalf of the entire team, we would like to welcome you on our event hosting at Al Khobar- Saudi Arabia in November.

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3 - 4

World Congress on Waste Management & Recycling 2018

Scientific Federation invites all the participants from all over the world to World Congress on Waste Management & Recycling during December 03-04, 2018 at Valencia, Spain which includes Keynote presentations, Oral talks, Poster presentations and Exhibitions.

WCWMR-2018 will also provide the excellent opportunity to meet experts, exchange information, and strengthen the collaboration among Directors, Researchers, Associate Professors, and Scholars from both academia and industry.

WCWMR-2018 is anticipating participants from 40 and more countries across the globe and the two day conference will provoke Plenary sessions, Keynote speeches, Poster, and Oral presentations. This program provides two days of robust discussions on recent advancements and new strategies for development of new materials for global requirements.

Our pleasure to meet you in upcoming event…!!!

5 - 7 
Jakarta Convention Centre,

Cyber Security Indonesia 2018, the 4th event of its kind being organised, is Indonesia’s leading international Exhibition, Conference and Technology seminar for the latest cutting-edge technologies, solutions, applications, products and services for cyber security.

Trade Exhibition

A display from over 100 sponsors, exhibitors and represented companies showcasing the most relevant and cutting-edge cyber security technologies, solutions, applications, products and services to over 2,000 cyber and information security professionals from the Government and private sectors.

High Level Conference

A comprehensive 3-day single-stream conference programme bringing together Indonesian policy makers, leading security experts from around the globe, cyber & information security practitioners, vendors etc. to address current issues and trends, examine case studies and discuss on securing the 3 key areas of National Security, Critical Infrastructure & Commercial & Industrial IOT

Technology Seminar

Presentation from leading cyber and information security vendors from around the globe on their technologies, solutions, applications, products and services.


Contact Person
Mr. Aditya Adiguna


13 -15 February 2019
Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center

2nd Saudi International Exhibition & Conference For Internet of Things

Saudi IoT is a flagship event of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia aiming at “Redefining Communications “in the region for the growth & development of technology. Pioneering the “Saudi IoT” in KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA, aims to bring the world of Internet users in the limelight. The immense potential will steer the event by portraying the technology concepts in the field of IoT. The 3 days event will set the “BENCHMARK” to witness the ‘next generation technology’ & how Internet of Things transforms businesses for creating new opportunities. Our Exhibitors, Partners & Sponsors will connect from a “user to an innovator” concept, by connecting, with the key IoT players from KSA & around the globe, & that includes the Decision Makers / owners, Cxx class Executives, Business Line Executives, programmers, Software developers, Innovators, Start-up community, Sales and Marketing Executives, Government Policy Makers and Regulators, Investors, & Academics.


Contact: Gazala Arshiya /

Phone: 966 54 267 3330

17 February 2019
Taj Land End, Mumbai

World CSR Day

The World CSR Day is guided by Leaders... Leaders who believe in the value of Sustainable CSR; that which is built in the fabric of business - making it a reality. Leaders produce Leaders will be a common thread uniting nations and people who take CSR more responsibly. They also believe that CSR is a tool to the Development of the Future. Leaders, Professionals, CSR Practitioners, CEOs, Sustainability Experts and Media honchos in different parts of the world will help in spreading the message of World CSR Day. Let’s Unite the World with the Spirit & Energy for conscious CSR.

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