8collectingDid you know that 63% of people who do local searches typically buy within one hour? And that 52% of local consumers are more likely to use a local business if they have positive reviews? Local business reviews published online have the same power as word-of-mouth advertising, Local Viewpoints found out.

As many as an incredible 92% of people trust recommendations from people they know, and even 72% of consumers trust online reviews just as much! Now that‘s the good news.

The bad news is, according to Local Viewpoints, that 57% of consumers will avoid a local business with negative online reviews, claiming further that 90% of ecommerce shoppers use online reviews to make buying decisions.


image from the infographic by Local Viewpoints

So what does this tell local businesses that are looking to boost their revenue via location based marketing? Don‘t underestimate what reviews can do for you!

Local Viewpoints believes that for those who offer a location specific review solution, customer engagement starts with the question: “Would you recommend my business to your friend?”, that stands on top if their patent-pending, mobile friendly, sixty second feedback survey.

The solution allows you to:

  • Establish your recommendibilty score;
  • Generate testimonials;
  • Collect actionable customer feedback with attribute-level analysis;
  • Measure customer satisfaction and unique buying criteria.

Your customers can give you feedback at the point of sale. Any phone with a web browser will run the mobile survey tool, no download required. The easy-to-use, quick survey respects customers' time, automatically turning their experiences into insights for you and testimonials for your next prospect.

In real-time, the Local Viewpoints dashboard monitors why your customers recommend your business — or not — for each of your store locations, providing:

  • Recommendability trends over time;
  • Store-by-store comparisons;
  • Satisfaction at the attribute level;
  • Insight into the buying variables relevant to your business.

Getting your customers to speak for you is powerful. Local Viewpoints helps you capture those conversations to grow your business, with technology that will seamlessly turn feedback into a testimonial on your mobile-optimized Local Viewpoints testimonial page, which will promote your business in search results across the web.

For further information please have a look at the video below, or visit local.viewpoints.com

By MediaBUZZ