engagioThe Account Based Marketing (ABM) automation provider, Engagio, announced the launch of its Sales Activation Tools, a powerful and scalable set of capabilities that provide customized and relevant real-time account insights to marketing and sales teams.

The Sales Activation Tools, which include real-time alerts and reports, territory digests, and account insights in CRM, empower marketing and sales staff to act together on the right activities quickly, boosting ABM initiatives. Engagio’s support even goes beyond traditional activation tools that only give visibility on leads by offering additional transparency at both account and opportunity levels.

According to Engagio CEO, when providing actionable account intelligence to sales in B2B organizations, the biggest challenge for many marketers is having to pull the data from multiple systems sources and distributing the insights manually. Engagio’s new Sales Activation Tools simplify the entire process, allowing even novice marketers to provide valuable, customized information to sales in real time, aligning sales and marketing activities and easing internal collaboration.

Furthermore, Engagio Alerts offer more than the alerting capabilities of first-generation marketing automation tools that were based only on people. They are powered by Engagio Selectors, which enable marketers to segment and create dynamic audiences across accounts, opportunities, people, and activities. They empower revenue teams to ask more complex questions and allow them to set up subscriptions for ongoing access to the alert information.

Emily Ketchum, Global Marketing Operations at Fuze, a global leader in enterprise voice, video, messaging, and collaboration, confirms: “With Engagio’s Sales Activation Tools, we’ve been able to work with sales to easily uncover and share critical information about their accounts — proactively and in real time. And, we work together to understand all interactions within our target accounts to ultimately convert engagement into real pipeline."

By MediaBUZZ