mediamathMediaMath announced the launch of new creative management offerings and supply partnerships that fully integrate native advertising into its omnichannel DSP, empowering clients to leverage a single platform to manage a larger share of their media spend using a creative format that has proven to be more engaging to consumers.

The launch comes on the heels of MediaMath’s recent round of funding of $225 million and demonstrates its commitment to improving the consumer experience while creating business outcomes.

“Native is good for the entire ecosystem. It’s good for consumers because it provides a simple, clean, seamless transition between content they are already consuming and targeted marketing messages. It’s good for marketers because it drives strong performance. And it’s good for publishers because it increases their control over the appearance of their site,” said John DeFilippis Senior Director, Channel Lead Display and Native at MediaMath. “This offering helps marketers coordinate communications across every touchpoint at scale, advancing the promise of programmatic by connecting consumers with the content and brands they love.”

The native advertising market is projected to reach $41.14 billion in the U.S. alone in 2018. Consumers are using social channels more for both communication and news gathering, and it’s the job of the marketers to provide a positive experience. This launch is a natural progression for MediaMath, as the company continues to serve ads that have engagement rates and match the format of the page they appear on for a seamless online experience with high quality content.

MediaMath’s new native offering enables clients to upload creative assets in their component parts, such as images, headlines, copy and click-through-URLs, tracking tags, directly into T1, and then use the same assets flexibly across any compatible native inventory.

MediaMath has partnered with Sharethrough, TripleLift and Powerlinks to launch these capabilities with a globally-scaled inventory of premium native ad opportunities. The company has also been leveraging the same framework to target Facebook and Instagram inventory with the same creative units.

Product features include:

  • Single platform workflow that will allow MediaMath customers to activate native as a channel within existing campaigns, and leverage creatives across all compatible inventory.
  • Improved customer experience, since native ads are less intrusive and including native in omnichannel campaigns allows advertisers to employ frequency capping and creative sequencing.
  • Premium inventory for publishers that care greatly about creating a good UX experience and use native formats to seamlessly incorporate advertising into their site.
  • Bulk creative upload: MediaMath has industry-unique capability to upload creatives in-bulk for compatibility across the widest range of inventory.

"Native is a modern ad format that naturally flows with the content on a page, leading to better engagement with consumers. Our direct integration with MediaMath's built-in native workflow creates an efficient workflow for buyers without requiring external tools,” Sharethrough CEO, Dan Greenberg, concludes.

By MediaMath