SupremeNarrativeBlackbirdAIBlackbird.AI, a global leader in narrative and risk intelligence, has launched the next generation of their Constellation Platform.  Constellation is the world’s first risk analytics platform for conversational and social data that has the necessary high-resolution signals required to make sense of platform manipulation, bots and toxic narratives that until now, have made it impossible for organizations to drive elevated strategic decision making across social, dark web and other online data.

As part of the global rollout, the next generation of Blackbird’s Constellation Platform is set to extend unparalleled narrative comprehension to Singapore and APAC users, decoding emergent threats through the rapid deployment of Blackbird’s novel and proprietary technology, to enable understanding and mitigation of novel info-cyberattacks.

Additionally, organizations in this region that deploy the Constellation Platform now have the most up-to-date capabilities they need to detect influence operations internally, while deploying proactive countermeasures in a timely fashion.

“We’re pleased to provide the next generation of our Constellation Platform to give our customers the advantages they need in the increasingly unpredictable and volatile information ecosystem. We’re on a mission to empower public and private sector organizations with ground-breaking technology that enables trust, safety and integrity while also driving enormous strategic and competitive advantages,” says Wasim Khaled, Blackbird.AI’s CEO and Co-Founder.

Customers using the Constellation Platform can perform everything from heat mapping communities of like-minded adversarial agents around a topic, a product, or around the organization itself to prioritizing mitigation workflows. As a result, responses to risk, misinformation, and manipulation that were previously unseen or that took hundreds of hours of human labor are significantly reduced, as well as the reputational or financial impact to an organization.

The Constellation Platform provides a number of critical capabilities which include:

  • Speed to Insight – Process a wide range of conversational data across social media, dark web, and more, in near real-time, minimizing time to action.
  • Smart Narrative Discovery – Blackbird’s automated risk discovery helps efficiently discover, surface, and prioritize all global high risk and fast-growing narratives that could be a potential threat to an organization.
  • High Resolution Understanding – Leveraging Blackbirds Signal Framework enables the Constellation platform to provide an entirely new class of proprietary risk signals and data analysis which is configured to the unique needs of individual organizations. The result is highly relevant insights that support both rapid understanding and strategic action.
  • Actionable & Measurable – By collating newly discovered insights, the platform is able to help organizations make informed decisions, while monitoring the effectiveness of counter-measurements.

Blackbird’s world-class machine learning and network analysis technology, coupled with years of dedicated research and development, helps bridge the intelligence gap for corporations and governments. At the platform’s core is the Constellation Engine, which automates the most demanding aspects of detecting manipulation and related strategic decisioning. This in turn  enables users to better understand a multitude of risk avenues including:

  • Automated discovery of emerging narrative across millions of discussions across dozens of sources.
  • Heatmapping of narrative flow within information networks and their relative risk to an organization.
  • Insights into community and influencer impact within narratives of interest.
  • Flagging of synthetic amplification, including bot-like accounts and bot farms.
  • Detection of toxicity and hate speech.

“If today’s threat actors view offensive cyber operations as their right arm, then information operations are their left,” says Richard Clarke, former White House cybersecurity advisor. “A few well-placed pieces of disinformation can be used to manipulate markets or extort individual organizations. Blackbird’s AI-driven platform can keep up with bad actors as they realize the potential for info-ops.”

Governments and global organizations routinely make multi-billion-dollar decisions. They need far more than traditional media monitoring tools to fully understand the breadth and depth of impact from cyber-based disinformation and manipulation.

By MediaBUZZ