SomethingExcitingtoCommunicateWhat to do when it feels like every topic has already been written about? Well, then the following tips might help you in creating new topics and content.

Blogs continue to be among the most indispensable instruments of corporate communication. With blog posts that are rich in content, it is possible to underline the company's expert status, strengthen the reputation with business partners and customers and, if it is done really well, inspire potential customers and provide significant support to the sales department. And finally, a blog makes a significant contribution to SEO and website traffic – and thus to the visibility of the company.

But what if, after months or even years of non-stop writing, marketers can't think of anything new? Well, luckily there are tricks and methods to break out of a mental routine and to take a fresh look at products, services or offers from your own company and its lively customer contacts to produce new creative infotainment power, like the following:


  • Ask your target audience directly what interests them
    Use your social media channels or the customer newsletter to ask directly about challenges and problems that your target group is enthusiastic about. Then take those topics up and offer to answer them in a blog post or video and provide them that way with additional tips.

  • Never stop asking
    Colleagues with direct customer contact know best what is going on with the customer, which is why employees from support, sales and field service are particularly suitable as contact persons and sources of inspiration.

  • Use communities, forums, and social media groups to brainstorm new topics
    There, experts and interested potential customers exchange ideas about topics – including those related to their own company. Look around the web and find out where your target groups get their information. There you will find out what problems your target groups are dealing with, what tips they need and what questions they are asking. For you, this is a pool of topics related to your offers that are worth working on. And keep in mind that for some topics and problems, explanatory videos are often better than texts.

  • Get inspired by competitors
    Of course, this does not mean simply stealing and copying. Nevertheless, it is worth keeping an eye on the content of the competitors on the various channels as relevant topics are likely to affect you in one way or another. You should take this into account and adapt it to your products and services. In the best case, you can even address the problems and hurdles of the common target group better by picking up and supplementing important aspects.

  • Do keyword research
    You can use a variety of tools to research keywords relevant to your industry, like e.g., or Answer the Public, since the research frequency of certain terms gives you important information about the questions in your target group.

And since you've already written on many topics and published tons of content, you should use them: for instance, search your blog for the most popular posts and revise them by adding new aspects – or even better, pick up a sub-aspect and write your own post about it.

By Daniela La Marca