YahooVideoLiteYahoo unveiled its latest ad solution, Video Lite, in the Asia Pacific region (APAC) that intends to help brands enhance their video assets for a stronger storytelling experience. Video Lite is Yahoo’s newest feature, available for private marketplace (PMP) campaigns via Yahoo Exchange, that allows advertisers to optimize existing video creatives for digital media placements through the addition of end cards or branded frames, CTA buttons and messages.

As the massive digitization wave continues across Southeast Asia (SEA), which recorded 60 million new internet users in 2021 alone, consumers now rely on the internet more than ever. Notably, e-commerce has experienced an unstoppable growth in the region, valued at approximately USD 120 billion in 2021 and forecasted to increase significantly by 2025 to be worth USD 234 billion.

With e-commerce in APAC, especially in SEA, continuing its exponential growth in 2022, brands are exploring innovative ways to capture audiences’ attention and close the loop amidst rife competition by harnessing the power of engaging narratives.

Videos are increasingly becoming great storytellers – people process visuals 60,000 times faster than text, remembering 80% of what they see. While often great at capturing attention spans and driving rich narratives, videos are not typically known for steering consumers towards actionable responses and conversions compared to other digital ad formats.

The Video Lite feature will unlock stronger brand storytelling by helping brands bridge video’s convenience gap for consumers and close the loop, taking them from experience to action through a clearer path to purchase while also emphasizing brand visuals and messaging.

The new Video Lite feature allows advertisers access to:

Branded Frames, available for videos of up to 30 seconds, allow complementary graphics, text ad copies and CTA buttons to be added seamlessly alongside a minimized video to reinforce key brand visuals and messaging and provide a direct path to purchase.

End Cards, suitable for shorter videos of up to 15 seconds, create a one-click checkout point, when attention is at its peak, by maximizing graphics and text ad copies with CTA buttons, emphasizing key brand visuals and messaging with a direct path to purchase, at the end of existing video assets.

“For many APAC advertisers, especially e-commerce brands, conversions remain the primary focus in their advertising campaigns. Our new Video Lite feature seeks to enhance brand storytelling through videos - optimizing creatives for digital media placements by giving greater emphasis to important messages and forging a clearer path for consumers to complete their conversion journey with clear, actionable CTAs,” said Shrivardhan Sarda, Head of Buyer Development, APAC, Yahoo.

“Better ads are better for everyone. As a consumer, better ads improve the browsing experience and clearer CTAs deliver convenience, shortening the path to purchase for immediate action. For brands, this will mean meaningful engagements at every touchpoint that will help realize their campaign goals and deliver maximum ROI,” he concluded.

The Video Lite feature is now available to agencies and advertisers across APAC, and enhanced video ads can be executed on their preferred DSP with PMP deals using Yahoo Exchange.

By MediaBUZZ