Dreame1Dreame, a leading online fiction platform from Singapore, announced a partnership with Globook to create audio books based on popular Dreame stories. Building on the success of Dreame's platform, the partnership is focused on the experience of customers and writers. In addition, this new contract will allow Globook to name the App as DreameFM of which the Android version has already been made available in the Google Play Store.

Dreame, a product by Stary, will be the content provider for the new App and work together with Globook to identify qualified stories from Dreame's rich IP library, which includes tens of thousands of original series fictions offering a variety of genres which fits in with the aim of providing an audible pocketbook.

Globook will be the production and operation provider for the audio book adaptations and ensure high quality recordings with professional narrators to best amplify the absorption of stories.

DreameFM is focused on matching professional voices with stories that give listeners the experience of inclusivity and allow the listener to dive deep into the world of imagination and perspectives.

This is not the first time that Dreame steps into the adaptations for its numerous content and creators. In late 2020, the company also worked with Wehear and authorized books to be produced into audio books and be made available on the App.

By MediaBUZZ