1dozenTo score with content on social networks, it is not only required to hava a good topic, but the preparations have to be done right, too. Here are 24 ideas for your social media content you might want to consider:

  1. Comment on a controversial post on your page or create it yourself. Nothing provokes the social media community more than an opinion they do not agree with. However, balance is important as otherwise you have attention for sure, but probably in the form of a shit-storm. Therefore, writing an opposite view to a post that currently polarizes in particular is another good idea, as in this case the devotion is for sure yours.
  2. Infographics are known for being loved by social media. Meanwhile, however, there are almost too many of these quite useful graphics around. Hence, have an eye on their quality, if you want to make your community happy.
  3. Various expert opinions give your followers a feeling of being well-informed, therefore, invite professionals to write your content.
  4. Organize a raffle, quiz or competition, because nothing promotes the involvement of your community as much as the prospect of winning something. It is in the nature of man to compete, so make use of that fact, and don’t forget of course to provide appropriate prices.
  5. Surveys of all kinds can be social media game-changer, but only if a survey manages to animate the user. It is not only important to have interesting questions, but also that it is not really time-consuming.
  6. Asking for help is never frowned upon, and definitely not on social media, so simply ask your community when you need anything. You will be surprised how helpful followers can be.
  7. Tutorials and How-tos are among the most shared content. So, make use of this fact and think about creating appropriate content. I don’t have to mention that tutorials are ideal to experiment on with YouTube, too.
  8. Set up a ticker, if you are at an event. When people realize they can get the latest and fastest information from you, they presume you are an expert and quickly share the news.
  9. Tool tests with personal experiences are always welcome and happily shared. Do not forget to use your know-how for an honest test, and don’t just describe the functions or promote your own products only.

10. Quotations are often effective in social networks and three types perform particularly well: Funny quotes, motivational quotes and inspirational quotes. That’s the reason why many portals not only include such quotes, but highlight them, so that they can be shared with just one click.

11. Re-post old articles if they provide added value. It is unlikely that the majority of your followers already know them.

12. Everybody is interested in forecasts and trends. The trick is not to let it go too far, but nevertheless not just only rehash old phrases. In addition, not only provide predictions, rather ask your community about their opinion.

13. Posts from customers are popular because they contain opinions and impressions that are more credible than the one of the product manufacturer. Make use of the fact and persuade fans to create posts for you.

14. Fan interviews can help you build a better rapport to your community. You can, for example, have an interview every month to present and better know one of your followers.

15. Best ofs” combine the best articles or products and can be shared easily. You can, for example, summarize at the end of the week the hottest items or best articles and give a preview of the next week. Through such a recurring element, you can attract new fans.

16. Preview items are not only popular in the gaming industry. Maybe you can reveal one or the other product detail nobody knows anything about? Such exclusive information is often rewarded with ‘Likes’.

17. Post creative applications for your product. This is not only fun (and always do well on social networks), but can also be helpful.

18. Answer questions publicly. Perhaps someone asks you a good question on the phone or by email that is of interest to more users. Post the question and its answer.

19. Ask your community for ideas for new products. That way you do not only involve your loyal fans, but also benefit - in the best case - of collective intelligence.

20. Recommend other users and groups. People follow you on social networks because you are an expert in a specific field, hence, you know for sure good groups on Google+, Facebook or Twitter, too. Share this information with your fans. They will not run away, but be grateful to you.

21. The personal story is a way to get in closer contact with your community, which doesn’t like unapproachable shadowy characters, but real people. Share an anecdote or personal thought to score with your followers.

22. Using criticism for your own benefit is a great art in social networks. You should draw under no circumstances the curtain over criticism. The opposite is often helpful: Center the critical contribution and your confident manner at the center to impress your followers.

23. Don’t put up with everything. If the criticism is impertinent, you need to intervene. The right mix of humor and utility makes success. You can also collect the most outrageous feedback and publish a compendium.

24. Thank your fans for their loyalty, commitment or something else.

By Daniela La Marca