7socialInvolving the users in the dialogue is essential to exploit the potential of social media; hence, it is good that there are a number of ways to activate social media users.

Most common are, for example, sweepstakes, which are an effective tool for the short term to get a user’s attention, but usually do not really trigger (sustainable) dialogues.

Asking the right questions, on the other hand, is generally a striking way to motivate users to interact with brands and start a dialogue. Besides, by approaching the user actively, you show interest and appreciation, and this probably allows you to draw interesting findings from the responses of the users.

The following options for questions are useful:

  • Feedback on performance: The best way to show genuine interest in the people is to ask them to give honest feedback on your performance: Do you like the products? Was the service helpful? Are there any suggestions? Of course, it is important to respond to this feedback as well and to continue the conversation, depending on the answers. If users provide good ideas for improvement, please let them to participate in the implementation of their suggestions, too. If, for example, the improvements are for a software product, link the user directly with the developers and let the user test exclusively the new features later on, to create enthusiasm and make loyal evangelists, who continue to report on the positive experience with your company.
  • Use of the products: Ask your social media users, how they use your products. Encourage them to publish photos of themselves with the products, perhaps along with a contest in which the best photo will be chosen, or similar activities. That way you satisfy the need for self-expression that many users live out on social media platforms. Potentially, you even get completely new and surprising findings about the use of your products. Maybe some users even agree to act as testimonials for your communication, which brings maximum authenticity.
  • Offer assistance: A consistent customer orientation is increasingly becoming necessary, which means putting the needs of the customer at the center of corporate activities, including marketing communications. How can customers be better placed at the center than by asking them personally, what they need and how you can help them through the use of your services?
  • Ask for opinions: Content marketing is one of the current trends, addressing users with content that is not directly related to the business or product. In principle, this can be assigned to the social media dialogue. Ask your users for their opinion on current issues and trends. In the B2B environment, for example, it could be on current market trends and disruptive technologies. Ideally, you deal with the raised subject in the context of your content marketing, too.

By Daniela La Marca