bigappleAfter a groundbreaking year of advancements in the realm of Virtual Reality, tech companies across the United States have flooded the market with headset after headset all with the promise of virtual reality. But as a relatively new technology, it can be easy for customers to eagerly purchase a headset that doesn’t live up to the hype or price tag.

Surpassing expectations and ringing in high ratings, the Samsung HMD Odyssey is Windows’ most innovative headset yet. Unrivaled in cost and performance, it packs dual AMOLED displays to optimize color and low-persistence performance, a stunningly sharp 1,440 x 1,600 resolution, an expansive 110-degree field-of-view, and premium built-in AKG headphones with 360-degree spatial sound.

The Windows Mixed Reality experience with the Samsung HMD Odyssey has been designed to give users the very best experience right out of the box. Unlike typical head-mounted displays, there is no need to install any extra motion sensors – simply connect the device to your PC and you start gaming!

Unfortunately, the Samsung HMD Odyssey is currently only available for purchase in the U.S., which brings Big Apple Buddy into play, a New York-based shopping concierge created for tech enthusiasts.

Founded by two former Australian lawyers, who saw a global demand for items that are only available in the U.S., Big Apple Buddy’s mission is to bridge the gap in cross-border shopping. The good news is that VR and AR fans in Singapore have now the opportunity to order the Samsung HMD Odyssey through them.

Big Apple Buddy has partnered up with reliable shipping carriers – Fedex, UPS and DHL – so their customers can be among the first in the world to get their hands on the leading-edge gadgets.

The process is extremely easy – consumers simply tell the company what they would like to buy from America and Big Apple Buddy with do the rest. Not only that, the company promises a completely personalized and seamless shopping experience - from order to delivery: They say, they will source the item as quickly as possible, check and repackage the goods upon arrival at their facility, prepare all necessary customs documentation and have the parcel safely shipped to your doorstep.  All costs are set out in a free shipping quote, inclusive of a minimum service fee of $50 per order.

“We’re excited to provide international VR enthusiasts direct access to the Samsung HMD Odyssey. This is an incredible product built with cutting-edge technology and Samsung delivers a completely immersive experience at an unrivaled cost”, Phillis Chan, CEO of Big Apple Buddy said.

Eliminate international shopping barriers, giving consumers access to the latest tech products as soon as they are released in America, regardless of where they are in the world, Big Apple Buddy is clearly committed to.

By MediaBUZZ