CMOA cover story and opinion editorial in the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council’s quarterly digital magazine indicates, that marketers are making great headway in building rapport with C-level peers and adding marketing technologies, that give them more clout and influence in their organizations.

Drawing on findings from its annual “State of Marketing” Report, the CMO Council’s PeerSphere quarterly magazine highlights a growing alignment between the CMO, CFO, CIO and COO around customer-driven business requirements. This is attributed to the fact that the CMO is increasingly shaping strategic use of marketing technology to deepen customer knowledge, improve time-to-market and show tangible ROI.

The cover story for the new issue highlights a number of findings from a “State of Marketing” audit of 525 global marketing executives. Participants contributed insights that reveal top marketing challenges, accomplishments and priorities, transformational plans and technology investments, allocation of marketing and media spend, organizational development and talent sourcing, agency performance measurement and professional development goals.

“As marketers continue to build greater alignment with functional heads and line-of-business leaders, we are seeing their role in organizational strategy and decision-making gain significance as well,” noted the CMO Council’s Executive Director, Donovan Neale-May. “With marketers having greater opportunity to prove their value to the business, the C-suite is also beginning to see the real strategic value of marketing, and the research is pointing to increasing budgets and compensation packages as a result.”

The CMO Council, a global network of 7,500 senior marketers in 110 countries, reports the mean salary of chief marketers is now $200,000 per year, and 83 percent of marketers surveyed expect to get a salary increase and/or bonus if they perform well this year.

The latest issue of PeerSphere is available today and also features insights from global marketing executives at companies such as GE Energy, CAN Capital, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, Wealth-X, Optimal Alliances, ServiceSource and more. Among topics covered are:

  • How marketing can make data relevant to the sales team;
  • The keys to building your marketing technology roadmap;
  • Key factors affecting global chief marketer compensation;
  • How to maximize the value of strategic partnerships to your business;
  • How Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group is breaking down international barriers through content localization;
  • Interviews with Cavin Pietzsch, Chief Marketing Officer for GE Energy–Germany, and James Mendelsohn, Chief Marketing Officer for CAN Capital.

PeerSphere is available on a complimentary basis to CMO Council members courtesy of the sponsor, Thomson Reuters.